ALERT: Automation Labs Does Not Have Access To Your Facebook Profile

A new privacy chain message is circulating across Facebook, which states that there are a handful of people who some how have gained access to your Facebook profile and are now spying on what you do. The reality is that this rumor is completely false, however thousands of users are now circulating the message.

The chain message suggests users to go to the “Privacy Settings” –> “Block List” and enter “Automation Labs” in the “Person” field. This opens up a pop up window with around 20 people listed. You are then advised to block all these people one after the other.

The exact message being copy/pasted reads as follows:

… enter ‘automation labs’. A list of approx 20 people you dont even know will come up. Block each one individually. These people have access to your facebook account/profile and spy on what you do….This is true…I’ve done it.

Contrary to what is being spread, these people are not some spies monitoring your activities on Facebook, these are just the names of users who are associated with “Automation Labs” on Facebook. Facebook’s block option works in a way that if you enter a name or phrase that does not exactly match a profile, Facebook fetches all the profiles that have some association with the phrase that you entered. So what is really going on is that once a user enters Automation Labs and clicks block, Facebook fetches these individuals and asks you, which of these people do you want to block.

Not convinced yet? Just type in your surname in the “Person” field instead of “Automation Labs” and you would be displayed with a list of people, all having your surname. This is Facebook’s way of asking exactly which individual do you want to block, in case the specified name isn’t precise enough.

The individuals associated with Automation Labs have no special access to your profile, just like the people sharing your surname.

Personally, I rarely repost an urban-status unless it’s downright hysterical! Maybe that’s just me…