Thump, Thump, Drag…

stair_blood4It was Friday night and Ashley, a 16 year old girl, was babysitting 2 little boys. The boy’s parents weren’t supposed to come home until very late, so she put them to bed and sat downstairs in the living room to watch some TV. She was flipping channels and came to the evening news. The Anchor-woman reported a warning for her area. She said that a mental patient had escaped from a nearby facility and was on the run from the local authorities. Ashley flipped the channel again to find an old movie she hadn’t seen in a while, but had always enjoyed. By the end of the film, she had forgotten about the news report.

Upstairs one of the boys woke up. He thought he heard a noise coming from the hallway. Thump, thump, draaaag….

The child thought that Ashley must be watching TV, the sound must have been from the program she was watching.

The boy heard the sound again and woke his brother. Together, they listened at the door to the bedroom and the sound kept coming thump, thump, draaaag…thump, thump, drag….

The sound stopped but the boys were still nervous about leaving the safety of their bedroom. They got back into bed and stayed under the covers until their parents got home.

puddle-blood-girlWhen their parents came in the house they were struck by a gruesome sight. Ashley was laying halfway up the stairs with a trail of blood behind her. Her arms were cut off at the elbows and she’d been climbing the stairs on the bloody stumps of her arms, pulling her badly injured body along to protect the children before she died of blood loss.

Ashley’s attacker was never found!

Lindsay from HI
Naomi from NJ