Kuchisake-onna Japanese Slit Mouthed Woman

A young woman was the wife or concubine of a samurai hundreds of years ago. She was stunning, but she was also conceited, and she was caught cheating on her husband. Extremely enraged and cuckolded, the samurai rushed her and sliced her mouth from ear to ear, yelling, “Who will think you’re beautiful now?” That … Read more

A Mother’s Love

This story happened on a cold mid-autumn day somewhere in the mid-western states. Two gentlemen were working in the town’s small general store. The store was quiet and no customers were shopping until she walked in. A small frail woman dressed in gray entered the store, and proceeded toward the dairy section, saying nothing. She … Read more

Visiting Grandmother

A young newlywed couple was heading to a Halloween party one rainy evening and stopped at a stop sign, where they saw a very wet, very cold, and VERY old woman standing in the rain getting drenched. The wife asked her husband if they could give her a ride. Angela rolled down her window a … Read more

School Bus Railroad Tracks

School Bus Railroad Track Legend

One day, on their regular route home from school, a school bus full of children was crossing over the railroad tracks on their way to the next stop when something went wrong and the bus stalled straddling the tracks. As the driver struggled to restart the bus, the train alarm signal started to sound and … Read more