Bloody Mary

A long time ago, in the 15th century, there was a queen of England called Mary. She was a half-sister to Queen Elizabeth the first and they hated each other. She was Catholic, and anyone who wasn’t would be burned or beheaded. The English hated her. They called her Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary died of illness and after that Elizabeth took over. The week after Bloody Mary died the sun didn’t shine – they were the darkest days in history. People suspected Mary’s death lead to the darkness and they began begging for her to end it. They would chant her name in the dark, as if in prayer which made Mary’s spirit furious and incited her wrath upon them. At night, you can place 1 candle in the bathroom and light it. Turn off the lights and say bloody Mary 3 times. You may regret it!

Elisama Chananto from Cornwall, England

Mary Anne was John’s obsession, and one day he raped her and got her pregnant. Mary Anne died while giving birth to a daughter, Mary Alice. John was so enraged by Mary Anne’s death that he despised Mary Alice and murdered her when she was ten years old.

The next day, John vanished. When the cops arrived at his house, they discovered him in the bathroom, his eyeballs ripped out and his mirror broken.

Since then, if you go into the bathroom at night, switch off the light, and light a candle, you can recite Bloody Mary three times and she will arrive; the next morning, they will find you in the bath tub, the mirror broken, and your eyes missing.

Scotie Rainwater from Houston Texas

There was once upon a time a small girl named Mary. She became gravely unwell and lapsed into a coma. The doctor was old and feeble, and he assumed she was dead since he didn’t know any better. He told the family, and the girl was laid to rest at a funeral. No one noticed the poor child had been buried alive!

Mary’s family resided close to the cemetery where she was laid to rest. Mary’s mother claimed to have heard a scream emanating from Mary’s tomb the first night, but no one believed her. Mary’s mother persuaded her family to dig up her tomb a few days later. They discovered Mary dead, but there were scratches on the top of the coffin, and Mary’s fingernails were bleeding from her desperate attempts to escape the grave.

Abigail Tucker from Hazel Grove
Rose Pearl from Temecula

There was a grumpy man who always was torturing his wife keeping her tied up and locked away in a damp cold basement. He gave her little food everyday and delighted in her suffering. One day when he was leaving he accidentally dropped his phone out of his pocket.

After much struggle, his wife was able to recover the phone and, with her hands tied behind her back, managed to dial 911. The police came and arrested the man for abusing his wife.

He was released from prison a few years later and found his ex wife with another man. He stalked her, attacked and killed her and fled the area. He went off-grid and lived in an old abandoned building. While he was venturing around the place for the first time, a broken mirror caught his eye. He picked up a piece and cut himself, his blood drizzling among the other shards of glass. The man was careful not to go into town for supplies so he tried to fix the mirror. He gazed into it admiring his repair work when his wife’s face appeared in the reflection. She reached out and took hold of the murderous man, pulling him inside the mirror with her. She cut his body into tiny bits, piece by piece.

This could happen to you if you break a mirror! The only way to avoid it is to count the pieces of broken glass and then wait that many hours. After that, bury the broken mirror in your backyard in the moonlight.

Stephanie from Aliso Viejo, C.A.

The version I know is that Mary was a beautiful girl who would not entertain any of her suitors. One evening, Mary went to take a bath. Two of the men who wanted to court Mary were enraged and together, they plotted against her. As she undressed they came out of their hiding spot and yanked out her hair and sliced her throat.

If you light a candle in front of a mirror those who want to call her say, “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, show your fright, show your fright this starry night.” If you have sinned, she comes out of the mirror and kills you the same way she was killed. If you are good then she gives you her blessing.”

Sel Flores from Keno

A young woman named Mary Scott had a child many years ago. Mary heard her baby girl cry out while she was having a bath. She ran to her baby’s crib only to discover that she had vanished. The child had been kidnapped. In her sadness, Mary killed herself in the bathtub.

Years later, this legend was mocked by a close group of girl friends who did everything together. However, one of the females took it quite seriously. She had been adopted at an early age and was the new kid at school. She was dubbed Lindsay by the group since she refused to reveal her real name. On the anniversary of Mary’s suicide, they decided to arrange a sleepover. Lindsay persuaded them to go to the bathroom and recite “Bloody Mary” three times.

The girls agreed because they didn’t believe the legend was true or that anything horrible would happen. The two youngest daughters were terrified, so they ran away from the house and returned home. The rest of the party followed Lindsay up to the bathroom. The females said “Bloody Mary” three times while turning off all the lights in the bathroom.

One of the girls noticed a pair of red eyes as they were ready to turn on the light. They all yelled, followed by a deafening silence. When Lindsay turned on the lights, she discovered that all of the girls had died. Their eyes had been clawed out, and they were all drenched. Lindsay was the only one who escaped with no injuries.

“Hello, Mommy,” she said, softly. Lindsay walked out the front door and disappeared. She goes from town to town, bringing new victims to her mother, Bloody Mary.

Cara Brokes from Philadelphia, MO

Bloody Mary was an adult and she was pregnant and her husband left her for another women and when she found out she tried to give herself an abortion and bleed to death in her bathroom floor. and now if you say bloody mary 3 times in the bathroom with the lights off she’ll come and scratch your eyes or and kill you

Rylie Ellis Myrtle Creek Oregon

There was once a beautiful woman by the name of Mary Worth. One day, she had a horrible accident. This accident caused her face to look deformed. Her face was so ugly, she wasn’t allowed to see her own reflection. One day, Mary couldn’t take it any more. She went to her bathroom mirror and saw her reflection. Mary was so horrified, that she was willing to do anything to get her old reflection back. She climbed in the mirror and went in search of her old reflection. She was so eager too get her old reflection back, that if you dare distract her from her search, she scratches your face until you look just as deformed as she does.

I was going for a sleep over at my friend Sam’s house. Sam and I were so bored we started to talk about legends. After a while, we talked about Bloody Mary. Sam wanted to see if it was true. We went in the bathroom to check if she would pop up. Sam held the candles while I chanted. After a while, a gust started to blow. Sam was horrified and tried to escape but the door was locked. Then we saw Bloody Mary in the mirror.

Honestly, she may be bloody but she was NOT ugly. I then heard someone whisper, “Now you will know how it feels,” in my ear. Sam heard the whisper and hid in the corner. Sam started to scream. “Sam what’s wrong?!” I said. Then my cheek started to hurt. When I looked in the mirror and noticed that I had scratch marks all over my face.

“Why are you doing this?! ” I said. ” I know you may think your ugly, but you’re not! It doesn’t matter what you’re like on the outside! Its what’s on the inside that counts! If you ask me, you look prettier than ever!” I said, hoping Bloody Mary would understand. Then all the madness stopped. The lights turned on and the scratch marks disappeared. The next day, I was blow drying my hair when letters started appearing in the mirror. I read what was being written on the mirror and the letters spelled out the words “Thank you so much.” – Mary Worth

I smiled. 🙂 Then she appeared in the mirror and smiled back. 🙂

Melissa Delgado from Miami, Florida

Dillon Cooper from Pennsylvania
Nataya Porras from Clinton