Boy Scout Betsy

urban legend
This story is an old tale that’s passed on from scout to scout at Boy Scout camp outs. This tale tells of a young woman, Betsy, who was married to a man named Joe. Betsy apparently had dreams of being a great singer and hoped to make into the lime light some time in her life, that dream was cut short. She was driving down a country road one day when a deer wandered out into the middle of the road, she had no time to avoid it. The crash was fatal to say the least, Betsy was horribly mangled and was only recognized by the distinctive ring her husband had bought her for their first anniversary. Joe was grief stricken and moved out into the country and started a camping ground.

After Joe died he left the property to the Boy scouts of America. Betsy never liked boy scouts much. People say Betsy’s spirit still wanders around the park, catching and mangling any unfortunate scout who makes the mistake of getting in her way. If you see her, you can determine your fate by looking at her eyes. If they are blue, she is in a good mood and probably won’t even notice you, but if they are any shade of red or orange, she’s angry and you should run away and not look back!

There are stories of children going into the mess-hall late at night for a snack and all that is found of them in the morning are a few bloody body parts, as Betsy has a taste for Boy Scouts. Betsy also likes to practice her singing voice late at night and some nights you may wake up to her wails and shouts. It is said that if you are too close to her when she sings you will go deaf or the noise will kill you. Be careful, Betsy doesn’t like critics. Anyone commenting on her singing will be horribly maimed or killed so they will never criticize her again. So if you ever hear her singing it is best to just remain silent.

Jason Qualls from Elkart, IN