The Baby That Carried

baby_airportIn an American airport a strange looking young couple arrived to travel to Las Vegas. The couple carried some baggage and a baby swaddled tightly in a blanket. The young couple went trough the security without a problem with the woman holding the baby very close to her body.

Once the plane had boarded, the couple took their seats and waited for the airplane to take off with the rest of the passengers. When they were in the air a hostess came to ask if the baby needed anything but the couple refused and said everything would be alright.

From that moment the hostess was a little suspicious and she watched the couple during the flight. She noticed the couple didn’t feed the baby, the baby didn’t cry even once or make any sound at all.

When the plane landed, the police were waiting for the couple at the airport. The hostess had alerted the authorities. The police searched the couple and found that the baby was dead, it’s organs had been removed and the body was packed full of illegal drugs.

Reader Submitted by,
Sietse Abé from Belgium