Carjacker Warnings.

You have just gotten into your automobile and started it when you notice a piece of paper has suddenly appeared on your back window. You immediately get out of your still running automobile to investigate the source of the note when a carjacker appears on the other side, jumps into your car and drives off. The criminal has your car and everything in it including your purse which contains your personal information.

An attractive professional looking man approaches a lone female in a shopping mall parking lot and asks her to evaluate a new perfume by sniffing a sample sprayed on a handkerchief. Upon sniffing the supposed sample, the unsuspecting woman faints and is abducted by the man. The perfume is actually ether.

A woman is loading her groceries into her car after going shopping at a local supermarket. A strange old lady wearing a dark pair of sunglasses and a big bag approaches her car and asks her for a ride to the bus stop because she had been walking all day and was too tired to walk there.

The lady agrees to drive her and as she finishes loading up her groceries she realizes the old lady keeps staring at her intently. When she gets back into her car she becomes suspicious and pretends that she left her credit card in the store and leaves to go check.

The lady finds a squad car and tells the officer about the strange old woman. When they go back to her car they find her car door wide open, but the old lady is gone. She had left her bag, and when they look inside they find a wig, a dress, a pair of sunglasses, and a big butchers knife.

Ashley from FL
Maggie Smith from Columbia, TN

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