Big Liz

Big Liz was a slave girl who lived during the Civil war. Her master used her and his other slaves to deliver supplies to Southern troops. Big Liz managed to tell Union soldiers where the shipments were going, and many deliveries were intercepted by the north.

Her master found out about her deception and plotted to murder the girl. He had a great deal of money and didn’t want it to be stolen by the yankees if his area was taken over, so he commanded Big Liz to help him take the money into a nearby swamp to bury it. As Big Liz was smoothing over the dirt, her master struck her with his knife, cutting her head off. He left her there to die and returned to his plantation without any other living soul knowing the location of his fortune. He was killed sometime during the war and noone ever reclaimed the money that Big Liz buried.

If you want to get the gold for yourself, here is what you need to do:

Over the Transquaking river there is a small white bridge. Park on the bridge, turn off your car and honk your horn three times. Wait. Don’t get scared and try to start your car, it won’t work. Big Liz will appear holding her head in her hands. If you follow her she will lead you through the trees and mud to where the wealth is hidden, but you won’t have the nerve to stay with her and dig up the gold.

Danielle Webster from Peoria, IL