Choking Doberman

A woman returned from work and found her large dog, a Doberman, lying on the floor gasping for air. Concerned over the animal’s welfare, she immediately loaded the pet into her car and drove him to a veterinarian. The vet examined the dog but finding no reason for his breathing difficulties, announced that he’d have … Read more

Bonsai Cats

This is an email that was forwarded to us. This is NOT real. The "signatures" were removed for this posting. IF YOU DON’T SIGN THIS THEN YOU ARE SICK! This is so terrible. A site that we were able to shut last year has returned. We have to try to shut it down again! … Read more

Blow-dried Bunny

A man walked into his garden one day to find his dog with a piece of dirty fur in its mouth. Examination proved that the dirty piece of fur was actually a prize rabbit belonging to the neighbor. It was very dead, although no obvious injury could be seen. The man was horrified and felt … Read more

Alligators in the Sewer

It used to be a trend for parents returning home from Florida vacations to bring back small, baby alligators for their children to raise as pets, particularly in New York. Once the babies grew up, they were no longer cute or convenient. So, to get rid of them New Yorkers resorted to flushing the little … Read more

Jasmine the Greyhound

A True Story. (unverified by, this statement was part of the original, submitted email) In 2003, police in Warwickshire, England, opened a garden shed and found a whimpering, cowering dog.  The dog had been locked in the shed and abandoned.  It was dirty and malnourished, and had quite clearly been abused In an act … Read more