Cattywampus in the woods

My great grandfather lived in Possum Valley, AR and he used to tell us about the Cattywampus or Wampus Cat in the woods there. The Cattywampus is a big six legged mountain panther that roamed the woods looking for meals to bring back to her cubs.

If you happened across her in the woods you were supposed to turn around and pretend you hadn’t seen her. Then she would leave you be. If you threatened her she would eat you while screaming in anger and feasting on your flesh. If you listen closely at night you can hear her screams.

If you get lost in the woods she might approach you. If she looks into your eyes and decides you are a good person, she will lead you out to the nearest road or your way will suddenly become clear. If you are not worthy or a intend to do harm in her forest, she will lead you into a twisting labyrinth and make sure you get hopelessly lost. The path will disappear and you’ll never find your way out.

reader submitted
Cassity Degges from Brentwood