The Amish Ghost Bridge of Pinecraft, Florida

The old story about this bridge goes that a Dutch boy named Amos fell in love with an English girl named Ingrid. They had to keep their love a secret from their disapproving parents.

One night the girl went to meet the boy underneath the Phillippi Creek railroad bridge but she slipped in the mud before he arrived. She removed her soiled clothes and tossed them into the water because she was afraid her parents would find them. Instead of waiting for the boy, she went home to put on different clothes with intentions to return.

The boy arrived and saw her clothes washed against the riverbank and believed that she had drowned. He was so devastated that he threw himself off the side of the bridge and died.

The happy girl returned to the bridge in a fresh outfit, anticipating meeting up with the boy she loved. She saw his body and noticed her discarded clothes nearby. His death was her fault! Consumed by sadness and guilt, Ingrid jumped from the bridge herself and lost her life in the same hour as her sweet Amos.

The two lovers lay dead on opposite sides of the river and their ghosts would be trapped there forever. The two lovers now haunt the bridge and grab people trying to cross causing them to fall into the creek and drown. Some people believe this story is true and others believe it was made up by the railroad workers to keep kids away from the bridge.

Amy Y. from Pinecraft, FL