Fallen Baby

In the town of Wentzeville, MO. it is said that in the early 1800’s a young mother rode her horse into town with her infant son in a sling on her back. She stayed to late in town and it was past dark when she set out to return home.

As she made her way home, the sky clouded over and she could hear distant thunder as a storm approached. The road was very dark without the moonlight and she began to notice rustling noises coming from the darkness all around her. The girl began to look over her shoulder in panic as she became more and more aware of how alone she was. As the chills crawled up her spine, she hoped that the child wouldn’t sense her fear.

Suddenly she heard a scream only a few feet from her horse. She became so frightened that she spurred her horse into a fast run. As the horse fled, all the jarring caused the baby to be thrown from her back. The young woman was so horrified she couldn’t think, she urged the horse faster and faster away from the sound, further and further away from the child.

Later the mother returned, sick with guilt, to search for the fallen baby. Though the storm had passed, the moonlight revealed no clues to the young woman. Her child had disappeared in the night.

To this day they say if you stop on this lonely stretch of road just before a storm you can hear a loud scream, then the sound of horses hooves, and then a baby crying.

Sherry from Desoto, MO

Posted via email from Urban Legends Online