Fort Mountain Haunting

fort_mountainThe young man in this photo visited a historic site in Georgia called Fort Mountain with his friends and he asked them to take his photo while hiking. While his friend took the photo, he screamed and fainted. Then 2 days later he died in the hospital. The doctors said he died from a heart attack.

When the photos were developed, in the last photo there was a woman standing next to the young man, even though his friends said there was no one with him when the photo was taken. Many people know of this rumor and the last photo is the result of the blessings of technology. People say it’s the ghost of Cherokee Chief Ross’s wife Madam Firecrochet.

Still, the photo is very mysterious and I am sure that when you see it you will feel the same as me.. Here is the photo!

A Naval Officer sent it to 13 people and he was promoted within 13 days.

A businessperson was sent this, he erased it, and within 13 days he lost everything.

A laborer received this and sent it to 13 people and within days he was promoted and all his problems were solved. I’m taking no chances……off she goes to my family and friends…..

Reader Submitted by,
Paul Schexnaydre from Louisianna