Graveyard Eyes

In Cape Girardeau, Missouri, there is a mysterious graveyard where college students in the late 70’s used to go there to drink and fool around. Late one October night while I was a student, a group friends convinced me to go to the graveyard to "see the eyes". I was scared to death, but with a couple of beers and a lot of coercing, I went along.

As we neared the area where the eyes were seen previously, I saw nothing. I began to laugh at what fools my friends were and how silly I was to be so scared.

One of the guys needed a "pit stop", so we pulled over and he stepped to the side of the car to take care of business. Wanting to be discrete, I looked in the other direction and about 100 feet away in the graveyard, were bright green glowing eyes levitating at about 6 feet above the ground.

I screamed and pointed and the fellow jumped back in the car as we raced out of the graveyard, all of us watching behind us until we could no longer see the green eyes. When we were back on the lighted streets of town, we laughed at how silly we were, and vowed to go again to see if we would see the eyes again…but later, my girlfriends and I vowed to never return to the graveyard again.