Hachaishackusama Eight Feet Tall

Eight Feet Tall, also known as “Hachishakusama,” is a Japanese urban legend about a young girl named Hanako haunting school lavatories. During World War II, she committed suicide during an air raid. Hanako-san, according to various versions of the story, killed herself in a school restroom after being tormented and despised by her classmates.

If you find yourself chased by an eight-foot-tall woman while visiting Japan, be wary! She was tall and skinny as a strip of paper in real life. She wears a robe that is either white or blue in color. Children have been known to compete with their classmates to summon Hanako-san. When youngsters are alone, she will abruptly approach them and make a repetitive sound with her deep voice over and over. If you look into her eyes, you will very certainly die within three days.

Ashley Yi from USA