Haunted Gym

charlespageThere is a ghost who haunts Charles Page High School in Sand Springs, OK

40 years ago, there was some construction being done in the gymnasium of the High School. There was an accident and the roof collapsed. One of the workers fell 60 feet through the ceiling and died that tragic day.

The spirit of this worker haunts the school and has been the cause of a high turnover in the janitorial staff. Custodians come and go, many quit when they encounter the spirit who makes his appearances mostly in the school gymnasium, where he fell.

There is a soft, indented spot, on the gym floor where the man fell. .They say strange sounds can be heard when the spirit is around, like doors opening and closing and locking by themselves. Basketballs can be heard bouncing on the floor, when there aren’t any around and voices seem to be coming from the musty air in the gym.


Brian Johnson Sand Springs OK