Haunted School

haunted_schoolThere is this school in Danvers, Massachusetts that was actually built right over the real place where they buried the witches who were killed in the Salem witch trials. It used to be a part of Olde Salem. It is a school for people studying to be vets, plant nursery workers, etc., so there are a lot of animals and plants there.

A lot of strange things happen there. Animals will get spooked by something no one else can see. People will be working with a plant and then it looks as though someone has stepped on it when no one else is there. People have also said they have been walking in a really warm spot and then it just get’s cold. And people have seen things…like balls of light floating around in dark areas, doors that fly open even if they are locked, windows that open and shut and the blinds on the windows that have been pulled have been known to come flying up.

The worst thing that happened was when one of the students, a senior boy, was standing alone near the window on the third floor of the building. Suddenly he started screaming "Leave me alone! I didn’t do anything wrong! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!!"

A teacher ran out of a nearby classroom and saw him swing his fists at the air, and then it seemed as though he was lifted up off of the floor and he went flying out the window. He didn’t survive the fall and the doctors had said he died before he had hit the ground.

The teacher claims that in the moments she witnessed, she saw a reddish flash out or the corner of her eye, but when she looked directly towards the source of the light, nothing was there.

No other strange deaths have occurred here, but weird things still happen. Now there is a mental house, and a police station, IN the school.


Torri from Danvers, MA