Hormones in Cow’s Milk

Please read this and pass along to as many people….

Mitzi Lyons and her husband Kyle live here in Gainesville. Their daughter Marissa has had menstrual problems, bleeding every day for three years and within the last year she started producing milk.

They have performed tests, surgery and put her on birth control without success. They were considering giving the girl a hysterectomy in January, but Mitzi’s Dad started doing research on the internet about his granddaughter’s problem. He found out that farmers were injecting rBST (hormones) into cows so that they would produce more milk.

Wal-Mart sells Great Value milk, which contains rBST and is the kind that the Lyons family always drank.

Her parents stopped giving Marissa Great Value milk 3 months ago and she has since stopped bleeding and lactating. All her symptoms are gone. Her doctors in Houston are going to write a medical journal discovery on her, because the FDA says that rBST is safe.

Mitzi asked me to please share this with everyone I could think of to hopefully save someone the pain and suffering that Marissa has endured. Mitzi knows this was an answered prayer.

Submitted by,
Ginger Clark from Cleburne, TX