Newstead Abbey

At around 10 pm one stormy night, the last bus form Nottingham to Mansfield stopped outside Newstead Abbey, a widely known haunted place in the UK. It was raining heavily and the driver almost missed the man who was waiting at the stop as this was the first time in many years a person had been picked up at this stage of the route. The man got on the bus and walked up to the top deck without saying a word.

The driver woke the conductor who had fallen asleep to go serve the man with a ticket. The groggy man noticed the bad weather outside and a lack of wet foot prints on the bus floor he asked the driver if he was joking. After a short disagreement on the matter, the conductor went up to find the man, only to discover the top deck was empty. The annoyed conductor stormed down to tell the driver that he was not in the mood for jokes. The driver argued that he was telling the truth, and the argument got so intense that the driver stopped the bus. As he turned to face the conductor and continue the heated discussion, the man came down the stairs and began to walk towards them.

"I told you," the driver said to the conductor, then he turned his attention to the man and said "Sorry mate, but this isn’t the bus stop."

The man continued past them and stood at the door without saying a word. The driver, once again, tried to inform the silent passenger that this was not a bus stop, but the man just stood at the door and didn’t speak. The conductor began to realize that something creepy was happening and reached over to the driver’s controls to open the door.

The quiet man walked out into the rain and as he disappeared into the night, just then the driver and conductor realized that somehow they were once again outside Newstead Abbey.

Chris Clarkson from Nottingham UK

Posted via email from Urban Legends Online