No More Nursing, Baby

Metropolis, TN – A new mother had just decided that it was time to wean her year old daughter and stopped breastfeeding her. Although this had been her first child, she had friends that had children and they all told her that weaning was a very difficult time and that the longer she waited the harder it would be. However, she found weaning to be easy. In fact, it seemed almost TOO easy. Her daughter hardly put up a fuss and in two weeks time she stopped trying to nurse altogether. Thinking this was strange, the mother started searching for the reason and soon discovered that the baby hadn’t been weaned to stop breastfeeding at all. This was strange because the only people that lived in the house were the mother, her husband, and their daughter – so who was nursing the baby?

You can imagine the woman’s surprise when she found her daughter feeding off THE FAMILY DOG!

The dog, a rather large Dane cross breed had just recently lost her pup pies when her owners decided it was time to give them away. However, the dog was still lactating and she had known the baby all her life, so she had no problem taking in this new "puppy." They should make a movie about this: "The Paw that Rocks the Cradle."

Richard from Adelanto, CA