Philippines Fiesta

fiestsa_dancersThere was a girl who was invited by her classmate and best friend to celebrate a "fiesta" (a community gathering for local residents to celebrate their town) in her hometown in the province. The town was located a good few hours drive from the city in a very dense mountain area with no electricity.

When the two got there, they were greeted joyously by everyone and the parents were extremely nice to their visitor. The girl was very happy to be welcomed, but the residents kept eyeing her and smiling at her in such a way that made her feel creepy and strange.

The fiesta was a day away and that night, when they went to bed, the girl heard some people talking in low voices. She peeked and saw her classmate and the parents together with the cook quietly talking when she heard the mother say "Ohhh!!! You have really brought us a plump one this year! The neighbors are going to be very happy!! We can make so many dishes out of her!!! Thank you child!!"


Frances Dela Cerna from Cebu, Philippines