The Giant Purple Octopus of Lake Ontario

Back in 1999, me, my mom and her boyfriend at the time were walking by Lake Ontario when some kid came up to me and said that there was a giant purple octopus living at the bottom of the lake.

Quintan G. from Rochester, New York

Our Response

Quintan, for all we know, you might be right! Here’s a video we found talking about a giant squid sighting in lake Ontario and it seems there is a power plant causing birth defects and mutations nearby! It is true that Lake Ontario is 804 feet deep and 193 miles long. It is the smallest of the Great Lakes in surface area. It lies 325 feet below Lake Erie, at the base of Niagara Falls. That seems like plenty of space for a giant octopus to live, virtually undetected by man. The news report below may seem silly, but according to Over 360 chemical compounds have been identified in the Great Lakes. Who knows what that kind of pollution could do to the ecosystem and it’s wildlife?

In the news today, a giant squid was reportedly seen attacking the Pickering Nuclear Power station at approximately 7:30am this morning. Eye witnesses describe the creature as having seven enormous glowing tentacles and giving off a terribly fishy odor. Sea-monster specialists believe that the giant menacing squid was attracted to the Pickering Nuclear Power Plant due to the massive portion of nuclear waste which has recently spilled into lake Ontario and which it feeds off of.

All this monster talk, with the lock-ness monster and big foot, normally I don’t believe it. I think it’s totally not real. But I have reason to believe that maybe this monster is real since there are a large number of birth defects that happen in the area of Pickering around the nuclear power plant. I don’t know, probably some sea slugs have mutated with some tentacles or snails or zebra muscles. There are many menacing creatures of lake Ontario. We have to control all these creatures and wipe all the fish out of the lake before anything else happens or mutates into a giant squid or something.