They Got Rid of Robert Lefou

Robert Lefou was a very unlucky kid. His mom had died of a brain tumor when he was only two years old and his father was a drinker. The boy had very bad grades in school and to make matters worse, Robert was constantly bullied by the other kids.

One day his bullies took their daily torment too far.

A group of kids grabbed Robert when he was walking home from school and covered him with tape until he couldn’t breath. He struggled to break free of the restraints, but became weak and eventually lost consciousness. His vision blurred as life slipped away and he watched the boys laugh with each other and shove him around until he blacked out. When the boys realized Robert was dead, they began to panic. The alpha boy, Jeremy McGuire, scolded the others for being concerned. “Just get rid of it.” he told them.

They left poor Robert’s lifeless body in a ditch beside the road. Later, when authorities found the boy and investigated his death, the boys agreed to deny any knowledge of his demise, except to speculate that maybe he had been hit by a car.

Soon after Robert’s murder, strange things started happening. Robert’s Reddit account, RobertLefou123, began posting updates. To his mother’s horror, Mrs. McGuire found her son Jeremy McGuire, dead in his bedroom one evening. The only clue the police discovered was his glowing computer screen featuring one of Robert’s posts. The coroner’s report said he had been suffocated.

A story speculating about Robert’s “cursed” posts surfaced on a local news station. The reporter claimed that someone else had obviously acquired access to Robert’s account and was playing a cruel joke. He assured the public that Jeremy’s death was a coincidence and the story was well received and believed by the local audience. That is, until the news anchor went missing a short time later. His body was discovered, ravaged by beasts in the woods near the side of a scenic road with scraps of tape clinging to what was left of his clothes.

Robert still posts things on many websites now, not just Reddit. The posts consist mostly of strange phrases and letters, but he occasionally posts something else. The curse still lingers,
and is rumored to be connected to three recent deaths including Christina Haydee, 16 years old, Christopher White, 12 and Baumer Williams, 18. These poor souls were all found strangled to death with their cell phones nearby. The last thing each one of them been reading was a Reddit post by Robert Lefou.

submitted by Robert Lefou from Elsewhere, ES