The Hanging Tree

hanging_tree1In Brazoria, TX two slaves were unjustly hung by the neck from the limb of an old sturdy tree until they died. The ghosts of the slaves have haunted that area ever since.

In the past, drivers of horse pulled wagons they said that their horses would just stop below the tree. A man who didn’t believe the tales coaxed his horse under the tree and the animal stopped in its tracks. He had to force his horse to leave the spot.

Now they say that a car driven under the branches of that old tree will stall every time.

There is a church not to far from the tree and one night a woman was walking home from the church when she heard a noise. She turned and saw a small black boy a few yards behind her. She asked him if he needed help, but he didn’t reply so she turned and started walking again.

When she looked back moments later, she saw the figure had grown to a boy of about 12 and was following her soundlessly.

She began to walk faster and when she looked again the boy was a teenager. She began running from him and when she panicked and looked back again a grown man was close behind her. She ran to a nearby home and crashed through their front door while they were cheerfully eating dinner. The man had disappeared.

Stand under that tree at night and the boy will appear to you too.

Reader Submitted by,
Garrett Padron from Port Lavaca, TX