The Nut & the Nuts

A young woman was driving alone one night near the local Insane Asylum when she heard on the radio that a dangerous Lunatic had escaped. Within minutes she heard a pop and felt one of her tires go flat. She built up her nerve and got out and began to change the tire.

Just as she slid the spare on she noticed a man in a plain white uniform staring at her from the bushes. Startled, she dropped the lug nuts and heard them scatter on the ground, as she vainly searched in the darkness for the scattered lug nuts she heard the man slowly approaching.

Terrified, she asked herself in a trembling voice, “What am I going to do now?”

The lunatic replied “Why don’t you take one nut from each of the other wheels and put them on the spare?”

She did, and was soon on her way.

Farah Jama from Ontario, Canada