Cheating Husband Loses Porsche

A man saw an ad in the paper for an "almost new" Porsche, in excellent condition – price $50. He was certain the printers had made a typographical error, but even at $5,000 it would have been a bargain, so he hurried to the address to look at the car.

A nice-looking woman appeared at the front door. When questioned she replied that she had placed the ad in the paper and that the price was indeed $50.

"The car," she said, "is in the garage. Come and look at it."

The fellow was overwhelmed. It was a beautiful Porsche and, as the ad promised, "nearly new." He asked if he could drive the car around the block. The woman said, "Of course," and went with him. The Porsche drove like a dream. The young man peeled off $50 and handed it over, somewhat sheepishly. The woman gave him the necessary papers, and the car was his.

Finally, the new owner couldn’t stand it any longer. He had to know why the woman would sell the Porsche at such a ridiculously low price. Her reply was simple:

With a half-smile on her face, she said, "My husband ran off with his secretary a few days ago and left a note instructing me to sell the car and the house, and send him the money."

Another Version

British radio DJ Tim Shaw had been conducting a steamy interview with Jodie Marsh when he declared over airwaves he would leave his wife and two children for her.

Listening at home, Mr Shaw’s wife Hayley was infuriated by the proposition and decided to log onto eBay where she posted his Lotus Espirit Turbo under a ‘buy it now’ price of 50p.

“I need to get rid of this car immediately – ideally in the next 3-4 hours before my cheating arsehole husband gets home to find it gone and all his belongings in the street,” read the online posting.

Within minutes the offer was snapped up by a buyer, who later insisted to an inquiring local newspaper that he wished to remain anonymous.

This is a true story that occurred a few years ago in England.

Kirsty-Louise Lawrence from England

Posted via email from Urban Legends Online