The One That Got Away

gotawayA boy and his sister had to stay home alone one night. Their parents were out at a fancy party for their father’s job and they warned the children not to open the door for anyone under any circumstances.

The kids were distracted by TV and weren’t paying attention to their parent’s warning. A couple of hours after the parents left, the children were both in bed asleep when they were woken up by a knock at the door.

The knock came again and they began to think it must be an emergency so the sister went to answer the door.

Her brother lay awake on his bed, listening for her to come back to her room – but he didn’t hear her return. He got nervous and decided to leave and wait for his parents to get home at the neighbor’s house. He got out of bed and headed out the back door, down the side of the house and across his neighbor’s lawn.

They told him they were glad to see him because they had just heard on the news that there was an escaped murderer on the loose and he was last seen just a few blocks away.

When his parent’s came home much later that night, they found his sister’s body dead by the front door and a discarded knife on the brother’s bed.

Kyleigh from Ontario Canada