Frightened and Fearless

There are two girls; Sandra who is totally fearless and Marie who gets frightened when you tap her on the shoulder.

Though they are very different, they are good friends and Marie has agreed to spend the night at the Sandra’s house for one full weekend. Though Sandra loves to watch horror movies, Marie is too scared to watch them with her so they decide to tell each other ghost stories. Sandra is the expert on any type of frightening story and she really wants to scare Marie. She tells her stories of babysitters hacked to death, children eaten alive and all sorts of terrible happenings.

After some time, many stories and lots of drinks and snacks, Sandra has to pee and excuses herself to the bathroom. Minutes pass and all Marie could think of are all the stories she had just heard. She feels like Sandra has been taking a long time in the bathroom and when she listens and doesn’t here running water she begins to worry.

Suddenly she realizes that Sandra must be playing a joke on her so Marie decides to wait her out. While she waits, the phone rings and she jumps. She realizes that she’s been holding her breath and her hands are closed into tight fists. She tries to shake herself to calm down, telling herself that everything is fine. Why is she letting Sandra to freak her out like this? The phone continues to ring and since she thinks that Sandra doesn’t want to spoil her joke by answering the phone, Marie reaches to pick up the receiver. "Hello?" she says nervously. All she can hear is breathing on the other end of the line and then a “click”.

Marie can feel herself beginning to panic. She climbs into Sandra’s bed and pulls the covers over her head. Finally she hears scuffling of feet and she thinks they are Sandra’s but the sound passes by the door and does not pause. Marie is too frightened to call out Sandra’s name and eventually she hears the feet again but this time they seem very far away. Suddenly a scream rips through the house.

The whole house is dark except for Sandra’s room but Marie is so shaken that she decides she’s got to go find her friend. She leaves the bedroom and begins to inch down the hallway, still praying that this was some giant hoax and Sandra would jump out and tickle her and they would laugh and it would all be over. Finally she turned a corner and saw Sandra sitting at the end of the hall, leaning against the wall. Marie sighed. The fear was gone. She knew it was just Sandra messing with her head.

She found a light switch and flicked it on. To her horror the light revealed Sandra, covered in blood, her eyes were gouged out, and her stomach ripped open. Marie let out a terrified scream as she read the words painted in Sandra’s own blood over her mutilated corpse. "She became her own Urban Legend".

Unknown from NJ