What’s it Like in Heaven?

A young couple with a little girl moved into a big old house. The girl appeared to be very happy and to love her new home. One night while she was in bed, she made friends with a little boy named Jack.

The girl’s imaginary friend worried her mother and father and they decided to consult a doctor. The psychiatrist examined the girl and said it was normal for her age.

When they got home they were surprised to find the girl’s toys scattered through the house and the TV turned onto a children’s station. The house had been left completely in order.

The parents decided to buy a baby monitor and placed it in their daughter’s room. They overheard the following conversation between their daughter and her friend.

Debbie: "What’s it like in heaven Jack?"
Jack: "I don’t want to tell you. Do you want to play instead?"
Debbie: "No, I want to know."
Jack: "OK then, but I can’t tell you, I have to show you"

then they heard a creaking noise

Debbie: "Wow, I can see Granny’s house from here!"
Jack: "Yes, now you have to jump. Go on, I’ll help you. That’s what my Daddy did to me, he helped me find heaven. Do you wanna?"

Debbie’s parents rushed outside where they saw their little girl fall screaming to her death. Her jump was caught on camera. The image showed a mysterious little figure behind her in the window, smiling.