Working at the Haunted Kentucky State Office building in Frankfort.

Kentucky State Office BuildingMy dad works at the Kentucky State Office building in Frankfort. That building is known as one of the most haunted places in Kentucky. It’s been reported that employees have been touched by something that is not there. Some even here voices and saw shadows. The reason most people say its haunted is the fact that it was built on top of where a state penitentiary used to be.

Well, one day my dad was talking to one of the other employees that work there and she is terrified to stay late for work. She told him that one night she stayed late and she thought she heard somebody in one of the other cubicles. She called out "Hello, is anyone there?" There was no answer. She got up and walked over to the cubicle she thought she heard the noise coming from but when she got to the cubicle, no one was there. She was a little scared and after she got back to her cubicle, she heard the noise again! The noise sounded like someone going through stacks of paper, and then she heard footsteps. She got up and ran out of the building.

Later that week, my dad was going to the elevator and he saw someone go in while he was nearby. He ran to try to catch up with it as the doors were closing, but he didn’t make it and the elevator doors slid shut. My dad hit the elevator button and the doors opened… but there was no one inside!

These are a couple of the many tales that come from that building. The building has even been investigated by teams of ghosthunters. Nobody stays late for work anymore.




Jojo King from Pikeville, KY