School Bus Railroad Tracks

School Bus Railroad Track LegendOne day, on their regular route home from school, a school bus full of children was crossing over the railroad tracks on their way to the next stop when something went wrong and the bus stalled straddling the tracks. As the driver struggled to restart the bus, the train alarm signal started to sound and the children saw a speeding locomotive coming quickly toward them. By the time the driver opened the doors and evacuate the children, the train had arrived, and the children’s screams were drowned out by the screaming whistle and brakes of the deadly train. None of the children on the schoolbus survived that horrible accident.

A few years later, a man was driving down the same road and stalled on the tracks, in much the same way as the bus full of children. Again, the driver struggled as the alarm started to sound, the lights began to blink and the guard bars lowered in front and behind the man’s passive car. Just before impact, the driver could feel the train bearing down on him. He ceased to struggle and squeezed his eyes shut, anticipating the explosive collision. Suddenly it was as if time stood still and everything became quiet. He felt his car somehow move and it was as if he was being pushed to safety, guided off the tracks by an unknown force. When he and his car were out of danger from the oncoming train, suddenly sound and time came back to life and the locomotive barreled past him, just inches from the bumper of his vehicle.

To this day if you put your car in neutral on those tracks and sprinkle some baby powder on the back bumper of your car the children from the bus accident will push your car to safety off of the railroad tracks where they met their untimely fate. You will see small hand prints in the powder of the ghosts of the poor children who died that day.


  • 2 more users submitted the same story telling us the tracks are in San Antonio, TX.
  • There is a park in San Antonio (Espada Park) where you can experience this. You don’t park your car on the tracks, but a few feet from the tracks. You must have your car turned off, but in Neutral. Also, behind Espada Park is a subdivision. All the streets in that subdivision have the names of all the children who were killed in that accident. It is said that if a child is in the car, your car will be pushed a lot faster.

Jeff Ardsley from PA
Stephanie from Houston, TX

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46 Responses

  1. Samantha says:

    I saw on a programme on syfy that they recreated this and sadly it turned out that the road is on a slight gradient and sadly it is not the lil ghost children

  2. corrin says:

    that is so sad i cry pour kids I just might do that someday but i’m only 14

  3. demon child says:

    OK. Don’t believe that we push the cars. 1 day you will believe in us

  4. kristine says:

    It Is a true story. Someone I knew tried it and he told me that it Did happen.

  5. britt says:

    It’s not true. They even proved that it was just cause of the slope.

  6. Brittany says:

    That happened in Lamont, Alberta. A bus went over the train tracks and got hit and i think they all died in the collision. they had a big funeral at the school. it was so sad :(

  7. ryan says:

    the fact that there was a slope is irrelevant. the car got stuck on the track and with a slope the car would have rolled to safety without getting stuck at all.

  8. Michelle says:

    This story is the plot line of a film called Fingerprints.

  9. sam says:

    at first i was like whats the baby powder for? but then i was like oooooooo so you can see the kids’ hand prints.

  10. Lived There, Done That says:

    LOCAL HERE!!! Its not true! lol syfy proved it. The story is true about the schoolbus and the children and bus driver being killed, BUT!! your car is suppose to be dusty and you park the car a ON the tracks( DONT DO IT!! EVEN THO PEOPLE SAY THAT TRACK IS ABANDON, ITS NOT. TRAINS STILL USE THAT TRACK) and once its rolled to the other side you get out of the car and look at the bumper and see children handprints. NO baby powder nothin just your dusty car. Man that story has been tweaked that the whole powder thing totally throws of the whole try it for yourself thing.

  11. clo says:

    This is a story about tracks in Moorpark, CA too. They call it gravity hill. So apparently a lot of children in school busses have died in the past on railroad tracks. The same thing happened where it has to do with the slope.

  12. Anonymous says:

    OMG! I’ve heard this story before. So sad.

  13. Bob Marley says:

    Fact or Faked proved this wrong

  14. jordan says:

    sadly this story isn’t true the children did die. But there is a slight slope on the tracks and the handprints are the handprints of living people.

  15. awesomesauce says:

    Aww, usually in other stories the victim seaks revenge on others for there death, but not this one. It’s so sweet and it warms my heart to hear about sweet children like that. I know this is probably not true, but still.

  16. yeahheyso says:

    there is a movie about this it’s called Fingerprints

  17. chris says:

    ahhhh munger road…..having tried this firsthand because i kno exactly where this took place and wat state and town i can say that this story is true and you do see handprints..its bizzare but it did happen

  18. Alexa says:

    *crying* i have a sensitive side when this stuff happens… Those poor childre ;'( i bless you all to heaven *blesses the children that died*

  19. Thuthukile Urania Mkhize says:

    This recently happened for real in my country all the kids died and the bus driver was the only one who survived he didn’t even show remorse in court so the Judge sentenced him to life. Won’t bring the kids back though :(

  20. Chuck Norris says:

    It is me that moves the car…

  21. Person says:


  22. Jake allen says:

    This is sweet but it makes me feel bad because they are just kids:,(

  23. Kate says:

    This is in PA I’ve been there.

  24. Slenderman says:

    Omg those kids are like Casper! So sad I seriously wanted to cry!!

  25. ALICIA says:


  26. Derp says:

    Mr.Derp is Derping Around
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    Mr.Derp knows where you live
    Mr.Derp will knock on your Door
    Mr.Derp is the Last person youl see
    Mr.Derp is coming to visit you right now

  27. Kitty says:

    ^^ What the heck? (Oh, and this legend makes me want to cry….

  28. Addison says:

    It has been proved not true though its actually a force because there is a small un leveled road there

    • Kat says:

      It’s actually an optical illusion… You are going down hill instead of straight or up which it appears you are. I love this legend, don’t think I’m weird for liking kids dying, but just the part with the car rolling… There actually have been incidents where people stalled on the tracks on purpose to experience the legend but instead got hit by a train… It’s amazing

  29. Anonymous says:

    It’s true, and the car trick works every time that you try it. I, myself, have done so at least six times. 😛

  30. Anonymous says:

    Dats so sad about those kids an how cute they leave there hand prints.

  31. Audra says:

    I live here, in San Antonio with the tracks. Last year on Halloween, my brother and I, with a couple of friends drove down to the tracks, put baby poweder on the bumper, and tried it. It sure enough worked and left hand prints on the back of little children.

  32. lucian says:

    so sad that made me cry :(

  33. PkmncB says:

    I think the children pushed the car because they probably didn’t want anyone to die like they did so they could live a long and happy life but that’s just my opinion ._. I actually feel bad for the children but I like the story though…

  34. yo momma1245 says:

    ive been there not that eciting

  35. Ginny says:

    This is on a movie called “fingerprints” The whole movie is based on this.

  36. Maddie says:

    This was on some movie I saw. It’s pretty cool though.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Thatz stupid

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