AIDS Mary and Vegas Wedding

A group of young college women went to Florida for spring break. While there, one of the girls became convinced that she had met the perfect man and fell madly in love. By the end of the week they were engaged but when spring break ended the girl had to fly home.

When they were saying goodbye at the airport, the man gave her a ring box in which she assumed was an engagement ring. He asked her not to open it until she got home. When she arrived, she excitedly told her family and friends all about "Mr. wonderful", and with them gathered around her she opened the ring box, which contained a toy skeleton and a piece of paper which said "Welcome to the world of AIDS."

Another Version… Vegas Wedding

A young man took a break from his job as an accountant and went to Las Vegas on holiday. In search of excitement, he spent every night visiting bars and nightclubs, drinking, dancing and meeting women. He was having the time of his life and it seemed like the fun would never end.

In one particular nightclub, he spotted a beautiful woman, standing on her own. She had long blonde hair and the prettiest face he had ever seen. Their eyes met across the crowded room and the man fell in love at first sight.

He walked up to the woman and bought her a drink. They talked for hours, laughing, dancing and drinking more and more alcohol. As the night wore on, the man began slurring his words and told the woman that he had fallen in love with her. She said that she had fallen in love with him too.

By the end of the night, the man and woman were both extremely drunk. As they were stumbling down the street, holding hands, they passed an all night wedding chapel. On a whim, the man dropped to his knees and proposed to the woman. To his surprise, she accepted. They wandered into the wedding chapel and were married on the spot by a justice of the peace.

Late that night, the newlyweds finally made it back to the man’s hotel room and collapsed on the bed. They both passed out cold from all the alcohol they had consumed.

In the morning, the man awoke with a splitting headache. He looked beside him and found the bed empty. His new bride was nowhere to be found. Thinking she must have stepped out to get breakfast, the man got out of bed and made his way into the bathroom to wash up.

As he was soaping his face, he looked in the mirror. The steam from the hot water had made the mirror fog up, and he noticed there was a message written there.

It read: “Sorry, I have leprosy and now, so do you”.

The man froze in horror. He looked down and screamed as he saw his fingers floating in the sink.

Whitney Mattingly from Louisville, Kentucky