Babysitting is a Dangerous Job

A young couple went out to dinner one evening and left the babysitter in charge of their two children. The children had been put to bed and the babysitter was watching the television when the phone rang. She answered but all she heard was a man laughing hysterically and then a voice saying, "I’m upstairs with the children, you’d better come up." Thinking it was "one of those prank phone calls" or a practical joke she slammed down the receiver and turned the television sound up.

A short time later the phone rang again and, as she picked it up, the unmistakable hysterical laughter came down the line and the voice once again said "I’m upstairs with the children, you’d better come up." Getting rather frightened she called the operator and was advised they would notify the police and, should he phone again, could she keep him talking in order to give them time to trace the call and have him arrested.

Minutes after she replaced the receiver the phone rang again and, when the voice said, "I’m upstairs with the children, you’d better come up," she tried to keep him talking. However, he must have guessed what she was trying to do and he put the phone down.

Only seconds later the phone rang again, this time it was the operator who said, "Get out of the house straight away, the man is on the extension." The babysitter put down the phone and just then heard someone coming down the stairs. She fled from the house and ran straight into the arms of the police. They burst into the house and found a man brandishing a large butcher’s knife. He had entered the house through an upstairs window, murdered both the children and was just about to do the same to the poor babysitter.