Babysitting is a Dangerous Job

A young couple went out to dinner one evening and left the babysitter in charge of their two children. The children had been put to bed and the babysitter was watching the television when the phone rang. She answered but all she heard was a man laughing hysterically and then a voice saying, "I’m upstairs … Read more

Turkey Baby

urban legend

A newlywed couple had their first baby. Annie, the baby’s mother, was afraid to leave the baby alone with anyone so the once social couple, found themselves spending their nights at home. Finally, when the baby was about 5 months old, Annie’s husband Jack decided to hire a babysitter to watch the child while they … Read more

Baby in the Chair

A young couple were waiting impatiently to leave on their first vacation since the baby was born. The young mother’s aunt had promised to babysit but was thirty minutes late. The young woman called her elderly aunt to find out what was going on, the old woman apologized for her forgetfulness, and said she’d speed … Read more