School Bathroom Bullies and Ghosts

Bullies Butcher Boy in the Bathroom

school_jamestownDown here in Jamestown there are a bunch of stories about the old Pine Haven school. One story I heard creeps me out and makes me glad I’m a girl. They say one day a geeky boy went into the boy’s bathroom alone. While he was washing his hands one of the school bullies walked in and decided to play a little game. He and his buds snuck up behind the boy and pushed him, hard, into the mirror.

They never planned on what would happened, but when the kid’s head bashed into the mirror, a piece of glass went into his neck. He turned to face the boys, grasping his bleeding neck and slowly slid the to the floor. The bullies watched in horror as the gurgling sound stopped and the boy died at their feet, his blood mixing with the running water.

They didn’t want to get caught, so they tore up the floorboards under the sink where the kid stood and stuffed his body in a hole and covered it up.

The school is abandoned now but you can still go tour it. If you go in the boy’s bathroom and stand at the sink and look at the mirror you’ll see the kid behind you. He’ll take his revenge and he’ll push you into the mirror and you’ll die. Then he’ll drag you with him down under the floorboards and you’ll never be seen again.


Tanisha from Jamestown, TN

Another Version

Heavy School Books

In my school there’s a legend about a girl who died in the girls bathroom.

Beth wasn’t popular and she didn’t have any friends. The populars would always bully her but she never told anyone about what they did or how they tortured her.

One day after school, she was fixing her hair in the girl’s bathroom mirror with her heavy, hardcover school books on the floor at her feet. One of the girls that bullied her walked in and without warning, picked up her books and hit Beth in the head with them. The blow cracked her skull and as she fell, she hit her head on the sink and died before her body hit the floor. The cowardly bully girl dropped the books and ran out of the bathroom and never told a soul about what happened.

When the night janitor found her body she became scared for her job and didn’t know what to do. She dragged Beth’s body through the halls and hid her in the basement. It’s supposed to be down there, somewhere, to this day.

If you’re daring, go into the girl’s bathroom and stand at the mirror with your school books on the floor. Look at your reflection and say “Beth I know who killed you”. I heard that she’ll appear and hit you with your school books.

No one I know will try it.

Paige Philipps from Bedford, Indiana