Killing Savior

A girl and her friends were walking home from a party. They heard a rustling noise during their walk, but they forgot about it instantly.

Her friends lived in another neighborhood, so the girl was soon walking home by herself. She heard the noise again, then she heard footsteps approaching so she started to jog. The following footsteps quickened with hers and sounded like they were jogging behind her. She became panicked started to run and so did whoever was following her. The girl ran into the road without looking and she was immediately hit and run over by a speeding truck. The young woman died instantly.

The stalker who was following the girl witnessed the driver of the truck hit her prey. This Good Samaritan driver saw the girl being followed and began to cry and call 911 on her cell phone. When the girl ran out into the street, the distracted driver struck and killed the girl she was trying to save.

Someone from CA

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