Visiting Grandmother

A young newlywed couple was heading to a Halloween party one rainy evening and stopped at a stop sign, where they saw a very wet, very cold, and VERY old woman standing in the rain getting drenched. The wife asked her husband if they could give her a ride. Angela rolled down her window a little and yelled out, "Do you need a ride somewhere?"

"Yes I would. Thank you so very much", the old woman said. She got in the back seat and introduced herself. "My name is Ruby."

"Nice to meet you. I’m Angela and this is my husband Barry".

They made some small talk for a bit. Then Barry asked her, "So, where are you headed, ma’am?"

"I’m headed to see my granddaughter who lives just up the road a ways, 129 N. Daughtry Lane. It’s her birthday and I’d love to see her."

"Daughtry? That’s like 15 miles up the road! That IS a distance…..", Barry was miffed. Angela put her hand on his and told him it’s not much further to their friends’ house for the party from there. They argued a little, when suddenly the back door of the car swung open and slammed shut. Angela looked back and screamed.

"What is it?", Barry asked.

"She’s gone! She must have jumped out or fell out!! We have to go and find her!" They looked for an hour up and down the old farm road, but they couldn’t find her. Angela said, "What can we do now?"

"We have to tell her granddaughter what happened and that it was an accident", Barry said.

They agreed and continued onto the address. They rang the doorbell and a strikingly beautiful young girl answered the door with a sweet and welcoming smile. Angela burst into tears saying, "We lost your grandmother!"

Startled, the young girl said, "I’m sorry?"

"Were helping your grandmother by giving her a ride, she was coming here to see you, when she fell out of the back seat while we were in motion." Barry said. "We looked for an hour, but she was gone. We just had to come and tell you."

The young girl waved them both in. "May I get you anything?" She led them to the living room and asked her guests to quiet down for a bit. The newlyweds sat down and told her what happened. The young girl was frozen solid. "You must be mistaken. My grandmother died 10 years ago….."

Just then, the lights went out and everyone could hear cackling throughout the entire house.

Ryan Cunningham from Dallas, TX