Movie Tickets

A man and his wife went out for the night with some friends who picked them up at their house. They left their new Mercedes Benz parked outside. When they came home they realized that their new car had disappeared.

They called the police to report the theft and searched fruitlessly for the rest of the night. Devastated by their loss, they went home and went to sleep.

The next morning, they woke up to see their car parked outside their home, just the way they left it the night before. A note was on the windshield explaining that a man and his wife needed it so they could drive to the local hospital. The grateful and influential man left tickets for the couple to go to a movie premier in the city the next night.


The couple was thrilled to have their car back and excited to go to the premier. They dressed up and attend the movie the next night. When they got home from the event they found that their home had been robbed and all of their belongings were gone. All they had left was the car they thought they lost the night before. The shocked couple searched the house and found a note saying: HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE MOVIE!

reader submitted
Bobby Lee from WV and
Ashley from FL