One cold winter night, sixteen year old Katie was home alone. Her parents had gone out to a dinner party. It had been snowing all that afternoon, but had just recently stopped. After studying for a few hours she decided to relax a little. She made some popcorn, got a nice thick blanket and laid back on the couch to watch some TV in the living room. The television was positioned in front of one side of the glass sliding door that lead to a patio and the back yard. By midnight Katie’s parents still hadn’t come home and she was gripped with fear because from the corner of her eye she could have sworn she caught a glimpse of a very strange looking man staring at her standing outside the glass door behind the television. Terrified, she panicked, pulled blanket up over her head and grabbed the cordless phone that was by her side.

Katie called the police and, as luck would have it, there was a patrol car not far from her house. In a few minutes police are on the scene and Katie told them about the strange man who was standing outside, staring in through the glass.

The police opened the glass sliding door and looked around. After a few moments they turned around and explained to her that there could not have been anyone standing out there, as there would be footprints in the snow. The cops tell her that she is probably just tired and her imagination had got the better of her. Katie began to feel relieved, but still a little shaken. As the police officers are about to leave, one of them stopped and looked behind the couch Katie was sitting on. His jaw dropped and skin went pale. Katie noticed the man’s reaction and jumped up to look too. She saw what made the officer react that way. There were wet footprints on the carpet behind the couch. She hadn’t seen the man outside the door, she’d seen his reflection when he was standing behind her.

Jonno from Ruggsville TX
Gwendolyn from Detroit, MI