Trace the Call – Babysitting Murders

One night a babysitter was looking after a child in a nice suburban neighborhood. The little boy was asleep upstairs and she was watching some TV in the living room downstairs, waiting for his parents to come home, when the phone rang. “Hello, this is Anna. Who’s calling please?” she said as she picked up the phone, looking around for some paper and a pen to take down a message for the family. The caller didn’t answer but instead only breathed heavily on the other end of the line. The girl huffed in exasperation and rolled her eyes as she hung up and returned her attention to the show she was watching. The stranger called again and breathed into her ear as she asked who it was. She hung up more quickly this time and instead of being annoyed by the prank, the babysitter began to glance around herself in the dark room, getting freaked out in this painfully unfamiliar house.

After the third call the girl called the police. She felt a little foolish and thought she might be overreacting, but she couldn’t help being scared.

The officer listened to her story. He said, “Hang up the phone and the next time the phone rings we will trace the call.”

She hung up and the heavy breather called again. She slammed the phone down and almost immediately it rang again. This time it was the police – they informed her that the call was originating from the same house.

She ran upstairs to check on the boy and found a man holding him with a knife under his chin. The police arrived in time and quickly arrested him.

Marcel Fontaine from Norwalk CT

Another Version – Ziploc Babies

One night the parents of triplets were going out and hired a babysitter to watch their babies. After they left her with careful instructions and set off to begin their evening, the sitter put the babies to sleep and went downstairs two watch TV.

A few minutes later the house phone rang. She picked up the receiver, “Hello, Addison residence. Who’s calling?”

The voice on the other end said “Ziploc babies, Ziploc babies, Ziploc babies.”

“What was that? I’m sorry, what did you say?” But the line went silent and she hung up the phone thinking it was a prank call.

About an hour later, as the babysitter was falling asleep on the sofa while watching an episode of a show she’d seen before, the phone rang again.

She answered it again and again the voice on the other end said, in a sing-song cadence “Ziploc babies, Ziploc babies, Ziploc babies”.

She hung up again but this time she shivered as she ran upstairs to check on the children.

They were asleep, so she went back downstairs.

Just a few minutes later the phone rang again and there was a knock on the front door. Babysitter picked up the phone and stepped to the threshold peeking through the small window beside it. She could see there was someone in a clown costume at the door, saying something into a phone. The babysitter put the phone up to her ear and yelled “I’m going to call the police if you don’t stop this stupid prank!”

As soon as she said that the person ran away and she hung up the phone. Badly shaken, she called the police and told them everything that happened. They told her to go check on the children and promised to send officers to the house immediately. She went upstairs and approached the sleeping children. No, not sleeping… their heads… were gone! The blood soaked bedclothes cradling the small headless bodies in their final moments on earth.

The devastated parents returned home to meet the detective on the front porch, just as the babysitter was being sedated to stop her hysterical screaming. Another officer searched the home to find the shocking discovery of the heads of the babies stored in the freezer in bloody Ziploc bags.

Bella D. from Franklin, Wisconsin