The Sloppy Joe

A butcher named Joe owned a diner with his wife, whom he loved dearly. One evening Joe came home to find his wife having sex with his best friend. Joe went crazy finding out about their affair this way. He yelled and screamed and during their heated argument, Joe killed them both. He disposed of the bodies by chopping them up and sending them piece by piece through his meat grinder.

The next day, Joe called his dearly departed wife’s parents and the parents of his ex best friend and invited them to dinner at the diner. There he told them that the two cheaters had run off together and left him a note telling him she wanted a divorce and that she and his friend were to be married.

Joe served the uncomfortable and confused parents their dinner. Ground meat in a special sauce on a bun. The meat had a unique flavor, one none of them had never tasted before. His mother-in-law said "This is delicious, but it’s kind of sloppy Joe."

Since then, Joe started selling Sloppy Joes at his diner.

It’s also the reason that sloppy Joes are also called “Man-Wich”. The meat in the sandwich was made from the man and the “witch” who committed adultery and the horrible act of betrayal against the butcher.

Chris from Savannah, GA