Turkey Baby

urban legendA newlywed couple had their first baby. Annie, the baby’s mother, was afraid to leave the baby alone with anyone so the once social couple, found themselves spending their nights at home. Finally, when the baby was about 5 months old, Annie’s husband Jack decided to hire a babysitter to watch the child while they went to a friend’s birthday party.

Once the parents had left, the babysitter invited her boyfriend over to Annie and Jack’s house to party. He brought her some booze and together they drank liquor and tried LSD, something they had never done before. When Annie called home to check on the baby, the babysitter told her about the pretty colors and the turkey that she was cooking in the oven.

Annie got very upset and went to find her husband so they could rush home and see what was going on. When they got to their house, Jack ran upstairs to get the baby, and Annie stayed with the babysitter to try and make sense of what she had said earlier on the phone. Jack came running down the stairs in a panic asking over and over again "Where’s the baby? Where’s the baby?" Suddenly, both Jack and Annie smelled something burning. They ran to the kitchen, looked in the oven and found their beautifully burnt baby.

Taylor from Woodstock GA and
Ashley from Niagara Falls NY and
Darren from Omagh, NI