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The Hangman’s Daughter – Amazon Deal

July 29, 2012: Today only, the Kindle editions of Oliver P√∂tzsch’s internationally best-selling "Hangman’s Daughter" historical thriller series are just $0.99 each, and the deluxe, hardcover version of "The Hangman’s Daughter" is 60% off....


The Tails Doll Curse

Ever played Sonic R? Possibly a small percent of you have heard of the ‘tails doll’. Here is ONE of the stories I have heard of from my close friend. A man came home...


Haunted School

There is this school in Danvers, Massachusetts that was actually built right over the real place where they buried the witches who were killed in the Salem witch trials. It used to be a...


Frightened and Fearless

There are two girls; Sandra who is totally fearless and Marie who gets frightened when you tap her on the shoulder. Though they are very different, they are good friends and Marie has agreed...


The Sloppy Joe

A butcher named Joe owned a diner with his wife, whom he loved dearly. One evening Joe came home to find his wife having sex with his best friend. Joe went crazy finding out...