The Midnight Man


This game was used as a ritual to summon The Midnight Man to punish rule breakers in Pagan religions long ago. WARNING!: Play this game at your own risk of torture and death.

  1. midnightmanYou’ll need the following supplies to play: paper, pencil, needle, candle, a box of matches, a door and salt.
  2. Turn off all the lights.
  3. Light a candle
  4. Write your name on the paper, first, middle, and last
  5. Prick your finger with the needle and add a drop of blood on the paper, allow it to soak in
  6. Place the paper with your name on the floor in front of the door.
  7. Knock on the door 22 times with the ticking of the clock, the 22nd knock MUST occur at 12am.
  8. Open your door, blow out the candle, and close it. You have now summoned the "Midnight Man".
  9. Immediately relight your candle

This is when the game begins. Your goal is to avoid the midnight man at all costs. You may move through the house to avoid him. You can tell if he is near; your candle will go out, it will get chilly, you’ll hear a low whisper, and he will appear in front of you. You must relight the candle within 10 seconds. If not, throw down a circle of salt around yourself and stay inside the circle from 12:01am to 3:33am.

If you are still alive at 3:33am, you’ve won. If not, you’ll be tortured, sometimes to death, until 3:33am. Come back and let us know if you’ve won the game.


Christian Hatcher from Hindsville Arkansas

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529 Responses

  1. Tasha says:

    I haven’t tried it, but in the video they didn’t exactly follow the directions. It says your supposed to knock at the same time the clock ticks. Not just fast like that, and the last knock is supposed to end at midnight… Also, I believe you knocked more than 22 times…Just sayin, might wanna retry it before saying its ‘busted’

  2. jasmine says:

    this is so not true guys!!

  3. ashley says:

    video= such a fail u didnt even follow all the damn directions dumb ass

  4. Ashley says:

    This is not a joke guys.. my friend died playing this because she thought it was a joke.

  5. aisha says:

    @ashley are you freaking serious?????? O.O

  6. Liam says:

    I did this but I put salt around me befor I did iy so I was already safe ^_^

  7. Laura says:

    @Ashley….lol like that really happened to your friend!!

  8. MJFAN4LIFE says:

    I dont know if it is true or not and I am not getting ready to find out neither.

  9. Kelsey says:


  10. Marimar says:

    This is creepy and I’m not gonna find out

  11. heather says:

    that sounds awesome

  12. Melissa says:

    I read a story about this on the internet but it had a lot of different things in it. I don’t think I can post links but it had vials of blood and stuff in it instead of just a drop and there were bell rings instead of knocks.

  13. mysterysurcher says:

    i played it 2 times the first time i lost at 3:20 am but got bet up and the 2nd time i won because i layed recordings around the house and put canles at each recorder and i stat silently so he got confused and never found me. :)

  14. demon child says:

    I did and so did my friend. But she didn’t make it. Her screams so loud. Stayed it the circle of salt crying.

  15. Jessica says:

    I don’t think I could do this. I couldn’t do the Bloody Mary thing little on this.

  16. Xx Death bolt Xx says:

    Trust me don’t do this seriously if u value ur life and sanity

  17. Fuego says:

    weirdos! you think this crap is true…!

  18. Malkan says:

    Which Pagan religion was this meant to be used in exactly?

    • Lupin says:

      You do know that Paganism isn’t satanic right?? I would highly doubt this originated from a Pagan branch and even if it did, it came from the darker side, from twisted witches who wanted to get a laugh out of other people’s torment.

  19. Jade Goodwin says:

    This seems fun, not scary. If I ever have a sleepover, I’ll try this, just to scare them. IF I have the guts or strength to prick my finger… I’m not very strong.

  20. ihateyourface says:

    Dear world i just have one thing to tell you. that if you beleive in this sort of thing than well you will beleive this. for one there was this guy who died about 3 years ago doing this one thing noone beleived would kill people and well yeah he died. and want to know why he died? because he injected the wrong thing into his vein. the end. the only truth to that was that drugs are the only things that can be a deadly game. oh and for your troubles heres a cookie.

  21. lauren says:

    Don’t play, I did, if you do dont forget the salt

  22. mediogio says:

    When i was like 7 my friend and i went into the bathroom and did bloody mary. We followed the rules exactly and i thought i saw a white mist thing ( but then again i was 7.) since then I have done tons of things like this. Look Im still alive!!! so i don’t really think peoples friends died doing this otherwise how would i be writing this…. unless i was a ghost 😉

    • Delilah says:

      I am the bravest among my friends, and I am also the smartest, and I declare that this is fake. To everyone who said that someone died, you are all trying to get atention, so stop it right now.

  23. guest454 says:

    are u a ghost? o.o

  24. Hannah says:

    I tried it i had 2 put salt around me after though

  25. nave mate! says:

    I found out it didn’t work with surgar.

  26. JoeyC says:

    i tried this and followed directions perfect nothing happened

  27. Gat says:

    my 3 friends and i played this only 2 survived they’re screamed like pussies but may they Rest in Peace

  28. paypay says:

    Not a midnight man,

    Its a demon, doing stuff like this opens a door for demons. Once you do that those demons haunt you for life.there is no way of Stopping it.

    So if you do this, please be careful.
    It will get you,eventually.

  29. Rachel says:

    God keeps you safe from demons. So if your a Christian, your all good!

    • heidi says:

      i agreee

    • chels says:

      Rachel, Even if you believe in God you are still able to be harmed by demons. He doesn’t exactly protect you in the way you think. Yes he does protect us but there is things that even he has trouble protecting us from. Every one is in danger from these demons, it just depends on how strong (not physically) a person is and how much of a fight they are willing to put up.

  30. bob says:

    what will happen if we use a torch? 😛

  31. lalal says:

    lol u guys think this true

  32. Dawn says:

    This “game” was used popularly in the past when circles were summoned commonly in a coven, what was being summoned however known as “the Midnight man” now is most likely malevolent spirit or demon. It’s exremely unsafe and salt is not a likely protection without first having a true circle summoned. As a high priestess in my coven, I don’t reccomend “trying” this without the help of someone who is expierenced and only if you are stubborn and brave…It truly is not something safe to tamper with.

  33. Haley says:

    Yea… Ok. Have a cookie.

  34. Alana says:

    “That… is an oval! It has to be a circle!”
    Spongebob ref. FTW!

  35. john says:

    tried it with someone elses blood
    the midnight man can cath us even with a candle or salt

  36. Skylar says:

    Listen, I know to most of you you’ll either think it’s a hoax or you’ll try it, but please don’t try it. It sucks to be hunted by what you can’t fight. Yes, salt protects you because it’s a pure substance from the earth and this is why it fends off evil, but I see these…demons every day and night. They terrify me, and if I try to tell someone they either don’t believe me or they mock me. Don’t believe me? Fine, that’s cool, but these demons will not stop until you think you’ve gone insane. They mess with your head and will move objects in your house, especially at night. You may not see it, but they’re not quiet beings. I was born with this ability, I have no choice but to see them. I have to fight them myself. Guys, you don’t want to bring that kind of power to yourself. It’s scary and is with you for life.

    • Anominous says:

      Hi, i think i know what your going through. e-mail me if your telling the truth and not just trolling ^^

    • chels says:

      I believe you, because after my sister and her friends have played games like these and with the Ouija board there has been a lot of activity on my house, especially at night. They love to make you think you’re insane.

    • Anonymous says:

      okay, Yoda The All Wise and Knowing, maybe get some more sleep and you’ll think straight.

    • Anonymous says:

      I was born with a similar ability. I do sympathize with you. I was born to see purple flying pigs in tuba pants

    • Anonymous says:

      SO you are John Constantine from Dc Vertigo comics? interesting.

    • blah says:

      i now what u mean i usually see them at night they are like creeping over moms like is just a phase or youll grow out of it pshhhh yeah right

    • NoneOfYoBuisness says:

      I feel your pain… Kind of. I can hear them and sense their presence but I can’t see them. Plus, I live in an old house so… I have a lot of fun at night.

  37. christian hatcher says:

    dont even dare go against me, and that is not me in the video, they picked it

  38. mikemike says:

    The midnight man…is CHUCK NORRIS!!!!!!!!!! MUWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  39. Brian says:

    To Skylar who posted the comment about his problem and to other’s. when I was younger I use to see pictures moves and things in the dark, later on I couldn’t see them. Demons are scared fallen angels just to let you know, they are orderd to people

  40. brian says:

    had to get off, anyway any spirt that wants to harm you with it’s own will is probably a ghost, but some stories have ghasts which is a fragment of the spirt that relives the memory of the spirt’s death. these are harmless if you don’t get scared and stay calm. if it isn’t simlair then seek help from a perist and do a blessing around you’re home. and to the people who play these’s games, it allow omens to come nearer to you and mess with you

  41. Demonologist says:

    @Brian you are partially correctanexorcism can not be done on a house it has to be done a person the spirits attach themselves to people and feed of their fear when they are attached to you they know what your fears are and they manifest themselves as your greatest fear
    @Skylar I know what you’re going through beleive me I’m a clairvoyant, a mild telepathic, and I’ve seen them trust me when isay this THEY ARE REAL!!!!

  42. brian says:

    thanks Demonologist 4 the correct info, u seem to know a lot about this stuff

  43. HolyyyIshh says:

    do you have to use matches?? can i just use a lighter :p ??

  44. Demonologist says:

    @brian thank you for words of praise and beleive it or not i am 14 years of age but have lived in seven haunted house and have dealt with demons before plus have studied on demonology since i was seven years of age.

  45. Demonologist says:

    also everything that people say is fake is realyes vampires are real they’re called sanguinairians forgive me if i spelled it wrong werewolves are real to there is a disease called hydrotrichosis again forgive me plus some people are born with heightened senses witches are real to but work through curses on items not spells.

  46. destiney says:


  47. jonti says:

    ok this is what happened to me .. i did all the things till the beginning of the game. then i just went around the house with the stupid candle in my hand looking like a guy searching for the fuse in a freaking blackout. then i got tired at about 1 am, blew out the candle and feel asleep. woke up totally healthy in the morning. well, i’m still here writing this ain’t i? try if u dare, but if u have the slightest belief in this load of crap, i’d recommend you don’t try to do this ..

  48. jonti says:

    @Demonologist i agree with you. They are real, but as you said, they latch on to your fear in them. If you are utterly sure of yourself that you do not fear them and can take them head on like you would to any normal human being, you’d be fine. I myself don’t fear them. I don’t think they can harm me. I’ve lived in my share of haunted houses too and have dealt with weird noises and things shaking and stuff. I’ve been in seances or what you call them. In my country in villages mostly, these things are pretty predominant, and i’ve seen how deep someone can go into doing these stuff.

  49. jess says:

    okay when it comes to this in my opinion its incredibly unsafe to try it does open up portals basically inviting these… things in and once a door has been opened it can’t be closed

  50. SHaz says:

    Biggest load of crap ever,tried it nothing happen! lol! and my house is huge! such a fake!

  51. Anonymous says:

    Its scary!!!!

  52. Anonymous says:

    i am going to try this tonight!

  53. Anonymous says:

    i thought it said to knock at the same pace as a clock ticking. the guy in the vid didnt unless he injected his clock with crack or something.

  54. Anonymous says:

    i know right

  55. Emily says:

    Did you honestly think it would work?

  56. Kenzie says:

    “i thought it said to knock at the same pace as a clock ticking. the guy in the vid didnt unless he injected his clock with crack or something.”

    Actually, it said to knock in time with the ticking. Y’know how clocks make a tiny ticking sound for each second? That’s what it meant. One knock for each second the clock ticks. You start knocking at 11:59:38 (38 seconds through 11:59) so that the last knock occurs at exactly 12.

  57. katherine says:


  58. ononimous says:

    I survived. It was dreadful i watched as my friend was murdered screaming when she died ; that scream still haunts me,before my eyes it was like a horror film in life. i have mental images every night but i survived. (this is a load of rubbish!!!)

  59. sammie says:

    People on the video you didn’t do it right. You knocked way too fast you have to knock in time with the clock starting at 11:59 38 seconds.

  60. Anonymous says:

    haha FAKEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. savannah says:

    haha lol sooo fake

  62. Anonymous says:

    I tried this and it worked but the circle of salt only helps untill 2:23 so when the salt is useles you throw salt at the man and it will burn his skin thats how I survived. I recomend do NOT try this unless you are VERY prepared with lots of salt and know some VERY GOOD
    places to hide in your house.

  63. Chris says:

    i just knocked 22 times and nothing. these urban legends are a load of sh…..

  64. Gogo says:

    Well,Chris,I guess you would be happy if the legend was real,you’d enjoy being tortured to death,or what?The fact is that we’re all so excited when we wanna try these kinds of urban legends,because even if we may think they’re real,there’s a part of our brain,wich analisys the situation,telling you if it’s fake or not.In this case,you may think it’s real,but your brain will tell ou it’f fake.Then think about the fact,that actually The MidNight Man would pop out,what would you do?Follow the steps depicted on this topic,no,you would FREEZE.

    • Anonymous says:

      He didn’t say he would be happy if it happened…He said urban legends are a load of sh**.

  65. Anonymous says:

    wow.. just wow well i tried this andnthissounds like a freakin kid game! “you may go around ur house to help” qtf??

  66. Anonymous says:

    I won! OMG It was so scary , but I won! I hid under my bed and locked the door and I stayed there the whole time! VICTORY!!!! XD

  67. Turtlesophia says:

    Oh I’m so sorry to hear that buddy =(

  68. Anonymous says:

    I WON!

  69. Anonymous says:

    Can we acctually believe all the people that said they suffered torture at the hands of the midnight man? Are you all just making it up? Where is the proof? People said that they died, yet they posted their comments.

  70. John says:

    I have no idea why you guys would love to mess with dark magic, but it is not a joke. This stuff is real and if you try and toy with it, you or others you care about could get hurt.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Im going to try it this summer. I have heard it is scary as hell. Also, you will not die, if the midnight man gets you after 10 seconds and you dont have salt around you, all that will happen is that you will have hallucinations of your greatest fears until 3:33.

  72. RonD says:

    I’m not sure why so many keep saying to knock at 11:59:38. That would mean you would be knocking 23 times, not 22, if you were to place your last knock at midnight. Count it out for yourself if you like.

  73. Anonymous says:

    it is true i tried it

  74. Anthony Housler says:

    OMG this is real. I tried it on Friday with my brother and his friends. One of them went missing and I was even stabbed in the butt. It was hella scary.

  75. Anonymous says:


  76. Fallen says:


  77. Angie says:

    tried this and the funniest thing is that i tripped over something and my candle went out, turned on the light scared out of my brains and realized shortly after that that my dog was lying on the floor where i tripped,
    total failure
    so not true tho

  78. kym says:

    Cant you run out of the house?

  79. Anonymous says:


  80. Anonymous says:

    This is true i have done it and shall again on this friday with a friend. You must do it exactly right or it will not work

  81. kenzi says:

    This is NOT a joke guys this stuff is serious

  82. Selen says:

    I won

  83. Briaunna says:

    I find this whole “you have to knock in time to the clock” thing complete nonsense, not to mention having to do it at exactly midnight. Because, honestly, how many ‘pagan religions long ago’ used clocks? Plus how many clocks do you know of that run on perfect time? Even cell phones give different times on different servers. Not to say I don’t believe that there’s a version of this game that could be legit but I don’t think it’s as complicated in the timing aspect, and I don’t think people die from it.. Or at least I hope not. Not that I’m ever going to be dumb enough to see for myself. :/

  84. Kalina says:

    well duh! this doesn’t work … hey guys, if you want real dangerous fun, go try playing the Ouija board with your friends.

    • kittycat22 says:

      for the record the ouija board is a totall shame it’s just a game someone is alwas moving the peac and u shouldn’t take it too seryeasly and i got a ouija borad for christmas and i played it withone of my friends i sware that she was moving the peac around the board

  85. Charlotte says:

    I did this last night? it was useless. it’s a load of bull. I mean, seriously. -.-

  86. Dyana says:

    Okay Im doiing this next week this is wen my dad and my nan is going to work Plus my babysitter is coming over every wek too

  87. Mitch says:

    Doing it now! -_-

  88. Emmi says:

    except for the finger pricking… this actually looks entertaining!

  89. Otaku-Sama says:

    I’m too scard to do this but we don’t have a wigi bord and I wanted to try that

  90. Lady Akahiko says:

    It’s spelled Ouija board, not “wigi” or “weegee” or whatever crap is being posted. This is probably why it isn’t working for anyone, because you’re too ignorant to know what it is that you’re dealing with. Have fun dabbling with magic, sooner or later it will bite you in the arse.

  91. Midnight Man says:

    In sadness,

    I greet you from beyond in the hopes I may persuade you all to stop this. I have suffered many fools who hope to entertain themselves by summoning me and then running about there house in there stanky lingerie or worse…


    Please know a couple things:

    1. I am cursed to mutilate you an I do not do it for fun.
    2. I am really a 3’6″ Mexican gentleman who is forever punished by the spirit of nacho libre for a loss in a game of drunken donkey (it’s worse than you are thinking)
    3. never mind – you children will never stop begging for my cruel attentions…

    see you tonite

    • Midnightman101 says:

      To Midnight man
      Hey saddo,stop posing as me! But I do have to aggree, I do not recommended playing this game, unless you really want to get me irritated.I do not find it funny when you summon me and play this idiotic…….game,where you run around your house with candles and salt.
      Anyways,YOU should stop posting as people!Not a good idea!!!!!!Besides how about practice your spelling?

    • Anonymous says:

      agree big load of bull but i’m getting a kick out of these comments though!!!!!

  92. Anonymous says:

    nom nom nom

  93. Anonymous says:


  94. Anonymous says:

    Check out slender man he is scary too!

  95. Angela says:

    I died. :(

  96. Anonymous says:

    im not going to try this game or whatever u want to call it i dont care if it is or is not true im not takeing a chance risking my life. all i no is if te mightnight man is anything like the slinder man i would die. not kidding at all im like scared of the slinder man guy and if i do this thing i would probly end up dieing as well im a blonde and i no my place in this world i might be smart and love horror movies but i no my place XD

  97. Midnightman101 says:

    I’m not the slender man……..

  98. Erica says:

    I did this last week and after 5 minutes I put the circle of salt around me and sat there for 3 hours…haha it was soo scary so DO NOT DO THIS…IF HE FINDS YOU, YOU WILL DIE!!

  99. ANONYMOUS says:


  100. ThreadorDead says:

    I will not do this game, because I enjoy living!

  101. Anonymous says:


  102. Anonymous says:


  103. Luna Cee says:

    Think what you want and do what you will. Only then will you be able to live with yourself. I would suggest reading about the Midnight Man in Pagan history. Give yourself better information.

  104. They didn’t do it right on the video!if they want to summon me they need to do the knocking at the same time as a clocks ticking (seconds).I don’t like when you play the game guys,it kida
    Pees me off.Stopping or not playing would be VERY very kind of you guys! :)

  105. Alexria says:

    omg omg OMG! once at night i was alone at home [parents went to a party..] And i heard weird breathing…. And then i turned myself around on my bed and seen a man standing beside me….. (O.o) i was scared but he didnt do anything he just breathed loudly…. I never summoned him he just came OMG OMG! it was soooooooo scary but it waz only 1ce when i seen him.

    • Lolzymetal says:


    • collin says:

      me to i heard whispering while i was reading comments then all my animals stared at my parents door then i was slammed to my living room door so i ran over too my neiboors they let me stay there till my parents got home

    • Zaph Castle of the Philippines says:

      Why didn’t you give him water, he was tired of following you!

  106. Jenny22312 says:

    how do i get rid of the midnight man once i summoned but i dont want two play anymore

  107. chickens gfjdruiot says:

    WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW It was a mazingGGGGGGGGG I saw him he offered me coffeeeeeeeeee but I ran to my room

  108. chickens gfjdruiot says:

    Its not real its not real thats all I was saying to myself the whole time and my friends candle blew out I had a heart attack!!!!!!

  109. Lolzymetal says:

    chickens gfjdruiot and I played it it and I dont know why
    she said I died cuz i didnt andway, is it true?
    Does he murder? We survived in our salt circles after two hours
    so does he?

  110. Lolzymetal says:

    Um does has anyone actually heard of someone dying
    or getting totured from playing this game?

  111. a7xfan69:-) says:

    wht if u leave ur house

  112. Ur worst NIGHTMARE says:

    HEHEHEHE im not sposed to be on the computer otherwise
    my mom will punish me and I will get grounded
    so i made a tent with my blankets and now im playing
    my laptop hehehe!

  113. Mischief says:

    I did it! it was so scary to do it although i noticed my own breath would some times blow the candle out

  114. Alyssa says:

    This game is awesome. I won.

  115. Lolzymetal says:

    I know me and my best friend chickens gfjdruiot
    played it, last night we got some people
    we don’t really like to play the game with us from midnight
    till 3:33 am and after we summoned midnight man
    we left the rest inside and me and chickens went outside! ha

  116. ferthensten of ohio says:

    hay anybody who survived send us your story

  117. Ur worst NIGHTMARE says:

    Midnight man here i come

  118. Ur worst NIGHTMARE says:


  119. hi! says:

    ok you guys realise (all the ones that played) you have only summond a deamon. a DEAMON! you propbly wont get rid of him…….. but i know how.. arm yourself with like 50bibles and 12 crusafixes and say deamon i ban you in the name of jesus christ alot

  120. samael says:

    tchhh this is child’s play
    to experience terror
    be alone. as in alone (without anyone in your house) if not go to a place with no people then you will need a coin, water, a basin, paper ,black candles, a match or lighter, chalk and an offering maybe cat or anything bird ect. (Video camera optional and flashlight)
    step 1: prepare the candles to circle around you
    step 2: write letters on the paper from a – z and numbers
    step 3: place the coin over the paper
    step 4: pour water onto the basin
    step 5: light a candle and drop it’s meltings into the basin
    step 6: take your offering and slice through it’s neck and pour into the water.
    step 7: using the chalk write דם את to your right then write דם to your left
    step 8: light the black candles around you
    step 9: say things as in inviting a spirit then place your hands on the coin
    watch as it moves
    good luck

  121. slenderfreak says:

    idk what to do the midnight man in the picture looks alot like slenderman so umm you summon the midnight man you might endanger you self to being attacked by slender man :( but the idea of getting people who believe in jesus and god and stuff ike that to play it might be kinda kewl to play with your religious friends.

    • Wolvi says:

      I have got a picture in my mind about the selnder man who take over the shift of the midnight man because he is ill…

  122. Anonymous says:

    This is made up for creepypasta. It’s a gag. Jesus people are stupid.

    • Nachos says:

      im not stupid stupid u idiot

    • Lolzymetal says:

      go to hell where u belong weirdo

    • Brah says:

      No actually Anonymous your the stupid one Brother

    • Anonymous says:

      we are stupid? apparently you didnt know that the movie with the demon possessed girl is based on a true event, so as far as believing in demons and satan and all, things like that are true, ive seen it first hand and its not a pretty sight, but then again its funny how you think we jesus freaks are stupid but then again you beg for god not to let you die when it comes to a life critical situations, dude, you seriously need some prayer

  123. Get a Life says:

    This would be hilarious, if it was’nt so pathetic. Dont know whether to laugh or cry…from pity that you have no idea about the real world. Do you really think this stuff exists? and spend time scaring kids online?
    go and do something useful with your life….

  124. Nachos says:

    Hello Yalllllllllllllllllllll havin fun at school I lovin et!!!!

  125. Call m,e maby says:

    Call me maby
    Or follow me on twitter midnight man OMG
    Hey I just met

  126. Lolzymetal says:

    kk this is in pagan religon and I am typing from
    SCHOOL!!!!! heathens are quite touchy in this
    and jesus people are not stupid since christian is
    not a pagan thing and we are not heathens but me and
    my bff anoymous is rude to every culture and we hope
    that he goes to hell where he belongs.

  127. Lolzymetal says:

    this is precisly not a little baby kids game
    if it was then TELL ABC KIDS THAT THIS GAME
    IS FOR TODDLERS THAT ARE bloody creepy!~!!!!!

  128. Lolzymetal says:

    oh and my second last comment everyone should read my comments and shut up!
    dont be an idiot like anoymous and get a beeping life

  129. Lolzymetal says:

    stuck up ppl shouldnt play this game and also
    ppl shouldnt brag or say stuff like bag over ur head and die
    cuz this isnt the point of the game, the point of the game
    is to stick to it and survive, believe or not believe
    and if u dont believe in him then dont play it or brag and if you do
    then play and see if he is real.

  130. Lolzymetal says:

    i am the pro of this game and i have played this game many times
    with my bff we still say he is real since several times our candle blew out and we have tried many efforts to hide and try to avoid
    once he hid under my blanket with our candles outside on the floor
    but the blanket kept shifting off us. So we are trying to find a different method one good one was to go outside until 3:33 if u dont feel like playing. I’ll send u more methods so follow me on comments!

  131. Aussie oh oh oh says:

    the Ur worst nightmare guy sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. Aussie oh oh oh says:

    Oh ur worst nightmare how old are you from lolzy metal im 28 so ur what??????????

  133. Lolzymetal says:

    im not 28 im younger aussie!!!

  134. Lolzymetal says:

    kk this is how you play a pain free game of midnight man, its called hidey the coin player
    step 1:U need a coin, piece of paper, pencil, one of ur own hairs
    step 2:Place the coin in the peice of paper and wrap it up.
    step 3:Place it out the front with ur hair stuck to it.
    Warning! This game must be played at midnight until dawn!
    step 4: as soon as u place the coin down onto ur front doorstep u have just awakened hidey the coin player
    step 5: To get hidey away from u u must have a money note with you.
    step 6: Also you have to hide, if u feel scared then you must move to another hiding spot since hidey is near you.
    step 7: if you fail to hide in twenty seconds you must wet your face in a wash basin then the count will be refreshed.
    step 8: If you stand there holding your note up in the air hidey will be near you but she is repelled.
    step 9: The winner is the person who has no scared feelings or has hidden from hidey away for the whole game, have fun!

  135. Anonymous says:

    why dont people jst put a salt circle around the outside of ur house summon him inside the house then he’ll die wont he so you could jst watch tv you’ll still be in ur circle so he cant touch ya

  136. Lolzymetal says:

    do u go on btn anoymous?

  137. ToxicFartFume says:

    Played it. Sat on the sofa with my candle watching TV. Candle Didnt blow out. i blew it out after hours of nothing happening. Got tired. Went to bed. Soooooo…..yeah.

  138. liambax says:

    i tried the game with my friends and i was the only one alive [so pls do not play the game]

  139. Nick says:

    can i use this on others

  140. eric says:

    i did this, i must say what a nice guy. i really had to pee he offered to hold my candle, and my penis. thanks midnight man.

  141. ??? says:

    beware the midnight man will slaughter you if he gets the chance.

  142. Arcee says:

    I’m not sure if I want to play but it does sound interesting. I know my friend will play it. I’ll see if she survives. She loves these kind of games.

  143. Arcee says:

    let’s see tell her about it and see what happens

  144. amber says:

    used to play this with my brothers when i was 9…..he never showed up :/

  145. Troy says:

    You guys could be calling a demon or something. Seriously, don’t do it. Lol.

  146. Anonymous says:

    umm ok this guy sound sjuust a tad bit like slenderman but i..a get a crap load of friend over ans do it haha

  147. BLERG says:

    XD i played it for two hours got out of the circle went to the bathroom then i looked in the mirror saw him ran out of there like a crazy B**** then i saw something in the hall way threw my shoe at it left the house then i found out tht was my mom :/ i was grounded but you wanna know wat i did the whole time?……I sworled circles of salt around me while i was walking so i was pretty dizzy when i left the house :/

  148. Anonymous says:

    I won

  149. YourPersonalHoe says:

    No offence, but they did the video wrong. Like someone already said, you’re supposed to knock every second. Not just random loudness. Geez.

  150. Where r all the comments says:

    I mean really?

  151. Anonymous says:

    are you dum

  152. Anonymous says:

    they didn’t knock in the time with the clock

  153. Midnight man says:

    well if you are stupid enough to play with me you need to expect a few surprises example i will tell the truth about me and your dog

  154. Chris says:

    Oh My, the grammar here is just astounding!

  155. fortunate says:

    i won

  156. Anonymous says:


  157. Anonymous says:

    uhh…… no. never FLIPPINN EVER. only suicidal, phycotics try this!!!!!!!!!

  158. larry says:

    i will maybe try this in a year or 2

  159. Kayla says:

    Im doing it on halloween Ahaha! Cant wait to see if it really works !

  160. Willy Wanka says:


  161. Willy Wanka says:

    Come to me oh Bob who wants to buld ‘my’ builder… Let us play this game together…

  162. Willy Who Wants Your Wanka says:

    I’m horney…..

  163. Anonymous says:

    I Died

  164. Sarah says:

    Just leave legends alone like bloody Mary candy man black man bloody child YOU WILL DYE I TRYD IT ;(

  165. karis says:

    my brother a freaken dumb@$$ decided to play this game so he started it and locked me out of the house around 1:59 i heard hime scream and im pounding on the door and finally a 3:35 he opened the door he had brusues on his face and all over his body and had scratches and cuts all over him and he was crying and he never gets scared at any thing when i walked around the house i found a circle of salt around my room now my brother has to go to a mental facility now when im alone in my house i feel this weired chill and i can hear my brothers screams. i cant handle it anymore can some one plz help me

  166. reimi says:

    take it from a pagan you dont wanna be screwing around with our folk law

  167. unknown says:

    He will get you, he will.

  168. I tried the game and I won! I feel epic though I hid in a circle the whole game….. is that a failure?

  169. ??? says:

    i tried it and im only Ten. but i barely survived. it was the worst night of my life…

  170. ??? says:

    and i did it again last night. the tourchor was hoble…

  171. Amber-Jade says:

    You guys are so stupid learn to spell. All the stuff on here is a load of crap, I tried bloody mary I tried the midnight man it is a load of bullsh*t if you believe this you will believe anything. If it is real I take back everything.

  172. tyler says:

    yall mutha trukaaa’s fukin CRAZY (DID YO MAMA SLAP U AS A BBY)

  173. Jasmineeeee says:

    anyone alive?

  174. Jasmineeeee says:

    UR ALIVE TOO!!!!!>?

  175. Anonymous says:

    He killed my dog Iam going to hunt down and kill who wrote this story My dog died from a sezia the exact night I purformed this I swear on The un holly lords name I will come and punish who wrote this article

  176. Ur Sure this “Midnight Man” isn’t Slender man?

  177. Zero_Cool says:

    hey, can any of u guys think I should do this? I mean I’m only 12…

  178. Anonymous says:

    I lost. We ran out of salt and now…

  179. Does the midnight man look good?
    Does look cute?
    or is he just a naughty boy…*wink wink*

  180. Eww….. and if this guys slenderman I’m hunting that prick down. He messed with the wrong parader!! (Look at the slenderman article to know what I’m talking about)

  181. Anonymous says:

    Lmao these stories are pretty hilarious.

  182. meow meow says:

    i won…but,scared

  183. Anonymous says:

    whar ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬

  184. Mack Daddy says:

    I would love to test this game out, lol.

  185. I don't sleep says:

    Why do I have to have nothing better to do than read freakish stories on a random website…? I don’t know, but whoever wrote this myth and game thing… You are doing a fantastic job of keeping me and probably a lot of other people awake at night, staring out the the window, waiting to ambush some stalker guy like this guy or the Slenderman or something. Good job.

  186. midnight man says:

    merry early christmas oh and please play my game its very fun(for me)

  187. I don't sleep says:

    Midnight Man who left that merry chirstmas thing above me… You have yourself a merry Christmas, too! ^^ Even sick, twisted, people-torturing creepy guys need a little holiday cheer! Just please don’t pay me a visit unless I play your game, I’ve already got mental scars from the Slender Man, and I do not appreaciate any more.

  188. I don't sleep says:

    Slender Man most likely killed my neighbor, that sick freak! Stole him from his very room at the break of dawn! T^T They never found his body…

  189. Alex says:

    Oh wow… like im ever gonna try that.. this is scary!

  190. Anonymous says:

    They’re not the same thing. Although somewhat similar, they can’t be confused with each other. Besides, you can’t hunt Slender Man down anyways… he can only hunt you…

  191. is the midnight man a hottie underneath all the blackness



  193. Captain Sunshine says:

    I summoned the Ultimate Unicorn of Sunshine and Happiness. Together we defeated the Midnight Man and forced him to bake us chocolate chip cookies.

  194. Elaina says:

    @ Captain Sunshine



  196. DOG LOVER says:

    this is soooooooooooooo 5 hours ago!!!!!lol i summoned the fat dacshund of hotdog buns and together we hunted the midnight man down and threw wieners at him until he agreed to find the light and go to ~heaven~or wherever it is you go when you die!!! SO ALL YOU BELIEVERS GRAB A FAT DACSHUND AND GET OVA IT!!!!!!WOOHOO WEINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL:)


  197. Hey midnight man, wanna drink my blood *meow*

  198. The Paranormal Expert says:

    Not to be a picky person here but your ritual is broken. the 12:01 am to 3:33 am is somewhat off. this comes from the old pagan belief in the witching hours. Which are 12 to 3 am. Secondly not just any paper will suffice. You would require handmade paper hopefully vellum. Indtead of a pencil. Invest in a quill and Ink bottle. Do not bleed on the paper. Prick your thumb allowing 3 drops to fall into the ink you will use. Now for the Important part… Stop watching supernatural the television show for safety tips!!! Not just any salt works for rituals, and since if this really works its the salt that protects. YOU MUST BUY FREE RUNNING SALT!!!! Have Fun. Oh and of course Good Luck… You just might need it

  199. Nick says:

    I lost i died

  200. the midnight man is my uncle lol just kidding

  201. Anonymous says:

    Gotta try it

  202. Elizabeth says:

    Is this for real?

  203. Connor says:


  204. Brian says:

    HAD THE MOST TERRIFYING NIGHT OF MY LIFE!(i’ll never be able to play SLENDER again!

  205. Rodders says:


  206. grrrrrrrrrr says:

    hehe sooooooo freaky

  207. grrrrrrrrrr says:

    the midnight man is………… dog….. lol jjk

  208. HOLY CRAP!!! says:


  209. THE RAKE says:


  210. Anonymous says:

    This stuff is weird..

  211. TJ says:

    Are these sources cited

  212. yeayea says:

    this isnt reall you guys are wimps…………………….

  213. yeayea says:

    wimps wimps wimps wimps is all you guys are………………..

  214. Joshoah says:

    I did this at my aunts house… I havent slept well since

  215. Dyana says:

    2. it suppose to say a wooden door..
    REMINDER: IF YOU PLAY THE Game you also need a wooden door or it won’t work.
    if you provoke the midnight man he will show your fears untill 3:33 he leaves.

  216. Moses says:

    i tried it,nothing happened

  217. anon says:

    i dont know where i am

  218. ki says:

    my brother died help call 911 or 000

  219. Medical Examiner says:

    I am playing the game right now and I am standing in the circle of salt but I have to pee really badly and there is still two hours before the game ends. Midnight man is very close because it is super cold right now. Do you think if I pissed myself he would feel pity for me and leave me alone?

  220. Sarah says:

    My friend played that and said it was really scary! Her candle went out and she poured the salt circle around her but her other friend didn’t and started hallucinating! But none of them died or got tortured. I am going to play that at my next sleepover though.

    • adam says:

      That ritual is true stop messing with i beg of u sarah my father died doing that please dont mess with it I beat the Midnight man and Bloody Mary at the same time worst ten hours of my life

  221. Muffin says:

    I havent played yet but i want to. Im scared though. What if you’re in that circle of salt, can the Midnight Man like get inside the circle? Or like does he still appear or what? I wanna have the cleared out before i actually play.

  222. Sophie says:

    What if you are like a retard just stand there and ur candle goes out will he like kill you? I wanna try that so bad!

  223. Anonymous says:


  224. nigger says:

    omg guiz i em ded he gut me guiz plz halp me or i will haunt u in ur sleep

  225. Freddy says:

    What if your like in the circle and someone from your family comes in the room, does the Midnight Man kill them or torture them?

    • non says:

      They didn’t make a piece of paper with their name and blood on it, so I don’t think so.

  226. midnight man says:

    i have seen you all and you will not live to see another day… Please.. Sleep, as long as you can for you will not have fun once i get there.. goodnight.

  227. jenna says:

    Im scared to play it

  228. Slender Man says:

    i do way worse things to people than he can

  229. John F Kennedy says:

    You guys are seriously afraid of the dark??? Whaaaaaaat

  230. djhgfjfghj says:


  231. Kitty says:

    I played it. It was enjoyable. My friend, he died though. He was a wimp.

  232. tyla+ella says:

    we died..just stuck in the hoover now..well this was fun

  233. tyla+ella says:

    havent even got a crowbar…anyone wanna call someone to help us?

  234. tyla+ella says:

    this really isnt as fun as we thought

  235. tyla+ella says:

    play the game…just dont invite the hoover to play..he is such a prick, he thinks this is soooo funny..i stll dont even know who invited him, ffs

  236. turtlelover says:

    -preeeeettty sure some of you are lying.. no wait. all of you. not that I don’t believe in ghosts or things as such, but these comments are just a bit dumb. no wait. really dumb.

  237. Me says:

    I played this and nothing happened except one of my friends had to get a tetanus shot because of the neadle.

  238. Tukaido Inagi says:


  239. alicia says:

    i just won the game ,but i can still here his voise!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh, I’m sure you just won. That’s why you posted this at six in the evening, more than twelve hours after the game ended. Right.

  240. Death says:

    I will kill you if you lose

    • Robbie Janison says:

      This isnt your turf, “Death,” go back to hell. This is The Midnight Man’s business.

  241. ants in my pants says:

    im so gonna do this one night with my friend and maybe my cousin

  242. Lady Hallos says:

    Loving Deaths comment

  243. Midnight man says:

    I will be waiting.

  244. Anonymous says:

    ZOMG!! creepy crap he said he’ll be waiting o jeez Louis I’m scared

  245. Anonymous says:

    They did the knocking wrong in the video, there supposed to knock with the ticking of the clock

  246. Someboar says:

    I lost.

  247. Slenderman says:

    >Midnight Man
    My body is ready

  248. adam says:

    Ive beat the Midnight man and Bloody Mary at the same

  249. Splendorman says:

    cant i just get a hug? 😀

  250. MIDNIGHT MAN says:

    i played it and guees what i dropped my candle and made the biggest salt cirle on the planet PS. i pissed my pants :(

  251. MIDNIGHT MAN says:

    ima beat the game 1day

  252. o.o i wonder what would happen if you did this more than once..

  253. Too Cool For A Proper Name says:

    Haven’t played but I want to. What happened when you played? Did you guys hear anything or see anything?

  254. longdaytime says:

    can you play alone??

  255. like errrrmyyygeeerrrshhhh r u ppl crzy or sumthin like so you rlly wanna get manhandled or even killed in yo sleep….well i mean sounds fun bbbbuuuuuuttttt…….. i scared of needles and (MIDNIGHT MAN) requires a needles and a bloodsample . have you ppl ever heard of (BELLWITCH) sshe is perty awesome like if you go in the bathroom and turn out da lights and stand in front of the mirror and spin around 3 times and say bellwitch bellwitch bellwitch she will show up and scratch your face into bits……so like i got to go feed cows and horses so byez!!!!! good luck yall believers!!!!!O.O :) 😉 ~.~
    later ppl : **NEON COWGIRL**


  257. hey ppl … it is me **PRETZEL CHICK** and **NEON COWGIRL**is my cousin and btw my dog did not crap on the bed ….. she thought it was crap cause it smelt really really bad and it was brown.. but of course it was mud so like byez **NEON COWGIRL** is wanting the computer back so bye……………. **PRETZEL CHICK**

  258. kiki says:

    player just got murdered while playing mnd/mc
    wow same time same person…

  259. XO KITAH XO says:

    my cousin played this and sadly he died :(

  260. bramndan says:

    i won i played with 2 other peaple but one of them died it turns out the salt didnt do crap

  261. I have won played it with 5 all survived we are lendgeneary

  262. I'm so EMO says:

    Wow wanna play but then im to scared to play coz i don’t want to be hurt…..

  263. your mum says:

    I died when i did the midnight man

  264. your mum says:

    He touched me in dirty places and then stabbed me through the heart. I can still hear my own screams



  265. your mum says:


  266. CRAPINMYPANTS says:


  267. Hey crapmypants says:

    Hey crapmypants its funny that you say it’s real cause no one could type an entire paragraph while being chased, nor would they run for their computer,they would run outside and try to get away, and also no one would hit send even if they were able to type, because by the looks of it you look like you clicked a bunch of keys.
    So yeah, you didn’t die.

  268. i'm so EMO says:

    I like the midnight man……. >:)

  269. DeadAlready says:

    I died

  270. Dead chick says:

    Man my vagina hurts after that one.

  271. Mimi says:

    i wanna play but am scared… is this the same with self-hide-and-seek game from Japan?

  272. Ryan Simpson says:

    I messed around with the game and made some adjustments. Instead of knocking then blowing out do the opposite. I’ve gotten better results, my candle was actually blown out. Not by wind because my windows were closed cause it was winter.. I lit it back and sat down for awhile on purpose to see if it would happen and it did. I used the salt and man is it hard to sit there… But when 3:33 came I got up and I actually heard my door open, my dogs started barking so I ran to see. The door was swung open and not closed. I can’t explain the how fast the temperature dropped around 3:25… Awesome game though!

  273. slender man says:

    Hey midnight man wanna hang out

  274. Inspector says:

    I love all these people who make up story’s. Funny nobody has ever shot a some footage of the ritual where somthing is actually happening.

  275. shonen says:

    Play this game at your own risk of torture and death? what the hell…

  276. scarygamepeople says:

    we are playing tonight wish us luck

  277. Anonymous says:

    So… what do you win, if you win?

  278. Tatiana says:

    It ‘s a little scary and dangerous I mean if we or u don’t win you’ll be dead

  279. madi and tk says:

    we are playing tonight!!!! should be fun(: we are two thrill seekers

  280. kiki21 says:

    I really want to try this but i dont want to
    do it by myself. Haha i would probably scare myself to death! Goodluck
    to anyone who does this!

  281. midnight man says:

    you all think its a joke i will haunt u alll who try it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  282. Scared Out Of My Mind says:

    So doing this at my next party

  283. gina says:

    §sssssssssoooooooo not real

  284. Anonymous says:

    This is creepy

    • Anonymous says:

      And this is not so scary. I tryed and was knocked out and had terrible illusions

  285. Ahhhhhhhh says:


  286. Anonymous says:

    I lost

  287. Anonymous says:

    After a long perilous creepy night I’ve won.

  288. I won the midnight game! I beat the midnight man! Here is my story. My friend told me about this game so i thought it would be fun so i played it last week. I followed all the instructions and set everything up and put the salt in case i needed it,in the kichen. I turned off every single light in the house including the garden drive lamp. I started walking around with my candle it must of been about 12:30 at this point every thing seemed to be going good. I was expecting to here noises but not yet. At 1:00 i heard the sound i had been waiting for. The midnight man was defenitly here. I thought to my self, the game has just begun. Half an hour later i started getting cold my candle light was going dimmer and dimmer untill it went out. I heard foot steps coming down the corridor i got a bit scared i must admit i ran for the salt the foot steps got louder and clearer and i started to rush my ringnof salt the midnight man was closer than ever but luckly i succeseded and i waited until the time strucked 3:33. To be honest i was lucky to be successful in the midnight game but are you? If you are manly einoth to try this go ahead but if you get scared easily your
    In the wrong place. Enjoy

  289. Anonymous says:

    won it,i just pour salt around myself.

  290. colin says:

    right when i finished reading this, a random burst of cold air hit me.

  291. Death dream says:

    You don’t win the game if you just hide in the salt you mealy live to see tomorrow. To win the game in question you have to keep the candle lit.

    I have played it several times and won 4 times and kept my sanity at lest I think.

  292. amber says:

    I’ve played dozens of times…ive played:
    all the friday the 13th’s
    ive even offered cookies and milk goddammit!!!! and nothing ever happened

  293. Spinorexey (via minecraft) says:

    I wanted to post a comment on the Japanese girl suicide drawing, but the ipad I’m using for this wouldn’t let me. First of all, the girl in that drawing is SEXY!!!!!!! I did notice the smirk after staring for a minute.

  294. tiahnee says:

    haha i won it was sooooo easy like my nan could win this game

  295. ultimate gamer says:

    Salt is like the biggest cheat code…….

  296. ra3omega says:

    Never will

  297. Anonymous says:


  298. SAY WHAT? says:

    here is an old chant i heard”come see me at the hanging tree,at the crack of night.we will play,sing,dance around,until he comes at midnight.his teath stained,ready to play,and if you win,you will see another day.come see me at the hangeing tree,when deoblo is finaly free

  299. Jack of Spades says:

    If you die then you will be tourtured to death? Wat?

  300. uhh says:

    whats the point of relighting the candle if u can just place a salt ring around you and be safe until 3 instead of walking around relighting your candle for 3 hours

  301. Vanessa says:

    i have played the midnight man my candle blew out i relighted the candle and i heard heavy breathing then my candle blew out again.
    i put salt around me then i stayed there till 3 am.

    ps you can only play the midnight man if you are alone.

  302. What??? says:

    This is actually the description of a game of gameshed.. JEEZ people.. come on -_- stop stealing

  303. Wijaksana says:

    i don’t want to do it, just read it then i scare off like a hell !

  304. Chadi says:

    Ultimate Legendary Challenge:Summon Midnight Man
    Summon Bloodymary
    Drink Vodka and get drunk
    Get Only Salt
    Eat cubed cheese, wave falshlight, wear a sombrero, make gorilla noises and stomp
    Summon Sea Bear
    Then call a demon
    Have Fun But you realy need to watchout but remember you are drunk 😉

  305. Chadi says:

    A question for who did the game,can you sleep in the circle from 12:01AM to 3:33AM?,but i heard you wont be tortured it if he attacks you,you will have halucations of you worst dreams until 3:33AM

  306. Jay says:

    i love dis story so much im writing my own version of it!!!!

  307. Anna says:

    Or put your enemies name on it and wait for there screams 😉

  308. Brayan says:

    But can you die in real

  309. yo momma1245 says:

    i survived…

  310. Devin__Love says:

    I will do this tonight

  311. zach says:


  312. hitler says:

    itts real

  313. hitler says:

    zach is lieing.if u get cut that means you die

  314. Emily Obert says:

    I want to do this on friday with my friend can two people do this together? I believe this is just another stupid game just like bloody mary. I just want to see if this is real though. Has anyone really did this? please tell me if it’s true

  315. Awesome Dude says:

    lololo I survived mota f@ckaaas!!!!!!!!

  316. Anonymous says:

    Dang it I don’t have a door I guess I can’t play it

  317. Anonymous says:

    Can you use a lighter?

  318. truthfulness it is says:

    This only if u wanna face you’r fear I believe

  319. truthfulness it is says:

    I have never try it but I have seen some people done this on YouTube. But they done it wrong they failed. It. Cause u supposed to no have any electronic. On mostly. The camera was to record. I obviously would do this game but I. Don’t want. To end up being to late on the part when u relight the candle I rather not bother.

  320. Mommy says:

    I checked your history. COME HERE NOW

  321. DARE QUEEN says:

    i tried this twice now and nothing happened

  322. Anonymous says:

    it worked for me i almost died.

  323. jacob says:

    both of you are weird
    bla bla bla

  324. jacob says:

    both of you are weird
    bla bla bla
    and the same guy

  325. jacob says:

    bla bla bla
    and the same guy

  326. Awesome Dude says:


  327. CaptainSparklez says:

    Hi guys its me jorfdan im here with rpmx13 so check my channel LEAVE A LIKE

  328. Your not awesome compared 2 me says:

    stop f.cnkng lieing

  329. CC says:

    The problems with the video: Knocks must be done with ticking of clock, not all separately and differently paced. The 22nd knock must end at precisely Midnight.

  330. BB says:

    I won the game i almost died………..

  331. caity says:

    I’m going to try this one also maybe on friday with my sister. Hopefully we dont die o.0
    I will post a comment if we don’t die c:

  332. Anonymous says:

    i have to much swag for everyone so #YOLOSWAGBANTER <3

  333. ang says:

    The candle blowing out is merely the own person’s nervous movement. The shadows are created by the shifting of the flame. The fear of midnight is a myth older than many of your great-grandparents. This game merely takes factors that are generically “scary,” and combining them into a game. Also, the hour most likely ensures the player will be tired, more likely to fall prey to illusion.

  334. Tall Jake says:

    There are a few life threatening errors here
    1: The door has to be your front door AND it has to be wooden. The midnightman won’t even come if you use a different style of door.
    2: You can’t use a lighter to light the candle or as a replacement for the candle. It just doesn’t work.
    3: if you throw down a salt circle, you lose. You were unable to keep away from the midnightman so you had to put up your barrier. He will stay just outside the circle until 3:33am to see if your dumb enough to step out.
    4: if you get caught, he will most likely torment you with hallucinations. Death is rare.
    5: when he leaves you will here your front door open and close.
    6: you also have to do this ritual alone. Idk why.

  335. Mudkip lieks you says:

    I wonder what would happen if I did it & left the house during it… o-o

  336. Random dude says:

    They say you can’t leave the house because if you do he will find you and kill you before you have the chance

  337. kamen says:

    I tried this, and I didn’t win, but didn’t die. My candle went out. So then I got my flare gun….. I probably deactivated the curse thingy.

  338. Anonymous says:

    I just tried it and it’s bs. I followed the steps as listed (22 knocks, open door, blow out candle, relight candle and shut door). After a brief moment I blew my candle out and waiting 10 seconds; absolutely nothing happened. I heard a whisper, but I believe it was my subconscious trying to scare me, being I was already frightened. Here I am 11 minutes later and commenting on this. Try it yourself, it’s a thrill without a catch.

  339. Hoii There says:

    i did this and i was tortured and this little Prick “The Midnight Man” Left Scars on my arm!

  340. leslie says:

    First off the midnight man nor bloody mary or any of that mess is real, the only thing your going to be doing by doing that ritual is inviting demobs into your home, who will trick and deceive you into thinking it’s something else. Do not do stuff like this it’s dangerous for you and anyone who lives in your home.

    • caleb jarrard says:

      thank you. I enjoy reading these kind of comments because the people that write them have something rare. COMMON SENSE.

  341. Morgon Foster says:

    it is true what leslie says ……. you can summon demons into your home like this. But you can do this at your own risk. NEVER DO THIS ALONE OR YOU WILL BE SORRY……… i can not stress this enough

  342. lisha says:

    O sorry, I can’t do this, I live in an apartment. Hell he might catch me or decide not to even come because of my loud neighbors !

  343. lisha says:

    The game has scary aspects in it anyway, so of course you would think someone is there or after you. I had an experience when I was 7, because my mom turned off every light in the house at night. I am grown now and I believe with all my heart someone would be in my room at night, my brother was younger and shared the room with me. I heard giggling and it seem something was tugging on my foot. After that night, I told my grandma and moved in her house. I been afraid of the dark since that night. Now I have my own kids and i keep a lamp going at night. Although this is the first time i ever heard of this game, i should send the midnight man for my ex.

  344. Gilberto Roldan says:

    I saw him

  345. Makayla says:

    seriously how do ppl think this stuff is real i mean yeah sure its scary but it cant be real can it?

  346. Addy says:

    I did this with my friend. He almost died.

    • fartface says:

      Was his name Danny because his ghost was in my house the other night, he scared the crap outta be because when I saw him I was just casually masturbating and he sacred me so much that danny made me rip my penis off!
      so stuffyou danny

  347. Lucifer says:

    What would happen if you wrote someone elses name in place of your own would he attack that person or would nothing happen

  348. KAHIRO says:

    I played, and i lost i didn’t die but that faggot gave me hallucinations of me being a pop star, IT WAS HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  349. fartface says:

    Oi KAHIRO you offended me with that language staring with the f word you doodlehead

  350. Bob says:

    Can everyone who doesn’t believe this is true just try it once and follow all the directions exactly. I tried it and almost won. I got caught around 3:15 – 3-20. Even for just that short amount of time i was caught and tortured I am still really afraid to do it again.

  351. Look I’m fan of horror so I tried the game and DONT PLAY IT cause I almost lost literally,but I did a salt circle idk around 2:30 a.m idk but trust me what I say is real and what u read is true and I won but that doesn’t mean u could to I got lucky and I hope u do to but I mostly hope u don’t play this game

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