Turkey Baby

urban legend

A newlywed couple had their first baby. Annie, the baby’s mother, was afraid to leave the baby alone with anyone so the once social couple, found themselves spending their nights at home. Finally, when the baby was about 5 months old, Annie’s husband Jack decided to hire a babysitter to watch the child while they … Read more

Theme Park Guest Disguised Child Snatcher

A small child was abducted at Walt Disney World. The distraught parents are taken to a surveillance room filled with monitors to look for the child. Almost at the point of giving up, the mother recognizes the child’s shoes when a strange woman attempts to leave the park. The reason the shoes were all that … Read more

Now the real work begins…

I’m still looking for great header and background images for the site, but I like this new theme for now. I’ve changed the site over to the WP platform so I can categorize the legends better (for ones that fall under multiple categories) and to make future updates easier on myself. Now that I’ve been … Read more