A Fire Every 20 Years

I moved to Oretta and started going to Singer High School. I’m happy to say I made some friends on the first day. We were sitting in the gym one day and I looked up at the ceiling and noticed that there were black marks on it. I asked my friend if she knew why … Read more

The Ghostly Violin

In Houston, Texas there was a security guard, janitor, or some other poor guy who worked the night shift in the public library. He was apparently well-liked by everyone who used the facility and was made unusual by the fact that he played the violin, loved to do so with an unending passion and often … Read more

Resurrection Mary

Most researchers agree that the most accurate version of the story concerns a young girl who was killed while hitchhiking down Archer Avenue in the early 1930’s. Apparently, she had spent the evening dancing with a boyfriend at the O Henry Ballroom. At some point, they got into an argument and Mary (as she has … Read more