Newstead Abbey

At around 10 pm one stormy night, the last bus form Nottingham to Mansfield stopped outside Newstead Abbey, a widely known haunted place in the UK. It was raining heavily and the driver almost missed the man who was waiting at the stop as this was the first time in many years a person had … Read more

Abigail Come Play

A little girl named Abigail who lived in Plymouth, Massachusetts was brutally murdered back in the 1800’s. Her father was a fisherman and was away a lot of the time. Abigail never had a good relationship with her mother, but when he father left things got much worse and her mother became very abusive. Abigail … Read more

Black Aggie

There is a legend about Druid Ridge Cemetery in Baltimore, Maryland. It is locally well-known for it being the former home of a statue known as Black Aggie. In the early part of the century, there was a woman named Aggie, who was a nurse working at a hospital. She was congenial and well-liked, but … Read more