Resurrection Mary

Most researchers agree that the most accurate version of the story concerns a young girl who was killed while hitchhiking down Archer Avenue in the early 1930’s. Apparently, she had spent the evening dancing with a boyfriend at the O Henry Ballroom. At some point, they got into an argument and Mary (as she has … Read more

Visiting Grandmother

A young newlywed couple was heading to a Halloween party one rainy evening and stopped at a stop sign, where they saw a very wet, very cold, and VERY old woman standing in the rain getting drenched. The wife asked her husband if they could give her a ride. Angela rolled down her window a … Read more

Killing Savior

A girl and her friends were walking home from a party. They heard a rustling noise during their walk, but they forgot about it instantly. Her friends lived in another neighborhood, so the girl was soon walking home by herself. She heard the noise again, then she heard footsteps approaching so she started to jog. … Read more